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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 161.2

Chapter 161: End of an Era (Part two)

“Being suspected of doesn’t mean he is charged. We have the right to defend his rights, and that’s why lawyers exist. At this time, before you find evidence and prosecute him, I have the right to see him. I’m the legal advisor of the Wei Nation’s ambassador. Our compatriot being arrested in a foreign nation could affect our nation’s image, so we are obliged to ask him for details of this case.”

The people on duty saw how aggressive those people were, and most importantly, they were right. Therefore, they had no choice but to open the door for them.

The lawyer went in and said to Cunye in a low voice, “I’m the consultant of the ambassador’s lawyer group. The situation at the business alliance is not looking great. They already discovered the secret vault and before they can force it open, the ambassador wants you to contact Zuozhi and tell him the password so he can safely transfer the money away through the safe passage. We are running out of time, hurry up!”

Cunye was a bit shocked. He didn’t expect a vault as secretive as that one could be discovered.

What should he do now? If all the cash gets seized, then he wouldn’t be able to repay his sins even if he killed himself! He hurriedly took the lawyer’s phone and called Zuozhi. Outside of the cell inside a lawyer’s assistant’s bag contained a small device that interfered with bugs so that no one could eavesdrop on the call.

An unfamiliar number called Zuozhi’s phone, and he subconsciously answered it, “Hello?”

“It’s me, Cunye.”

Zuozhi’s eyes stared opened. He didn’t expect the ambassador to be this efficient. It had only been a few minutes and Cunye was already calling him.

The moment the call connected, Xu Cheng’s ears slightly twitched. He looked towards Zuozhi, and Zuozhi felt his hair stand up when their eyes met. He quickly walked to a corner and continued their conversation, “Hurry and give me the password.”

Cunye immediately said, “The password is 200512, which is the establishment year and month of our business alliance. From my upstairs bedroom in the building in the washroom, there’s a secret door that leads to a safe passage into the vault.”

Zuozhi said, “Very well, how are you doing in there?”

Cunye: “To be honest, it’s my first time here and I’m really not enjoying it. Don’t let me come out or I swear I will kill him!”

Zuozhi: “Don’t worry, it’s not over yet.”

Then, he hung up, and quietly arranged for his men to carry out the rest of the operation. However, what he didn’t know was that Xu Cheng had already heard the whole thing.

He looked at the ambassador and said, “Mr. Ambassador, I want to ask you, you coming here to interfere with police work, are you representing your country, or just yourself?”

The ambassador snorted, “Of course I’m representing our Wei Nation!”

Xu Cheng: “If there’s black money in there, I would like to ask Mr. Ambassador, are you also taking the responsibility as well?”

Ambassador: “You don’t have to bluff to probe my bottom line. Brat, let me tell you, I’ve encountered quite a lot of opponents on the diplomatic platform, you are still too naive to take me on.”

Xu Cheng laughed. “Then I think your era will come to an end today. If there’s really evidence of illegal activity, I will be arresting you as well as all the diplomatic personnel behind you and charge you with the crime of complicity. I hope your mouth will still be sharp when you’re behind bars.”

Upon saying that, Xu Cheng took out from his bag the tape that he used to collect Cunye’s fingerprints from earlier, and then he typed in the password 200512 he heard. Then, the electronic instrument said in a robotic voice, “Fingerprint correct, password correct, please position your eye in front of the scanner.”

Xu Cheng took out his phone and directly put the up-close video of Cunye he got earlier in front of the scanner. Nowadays, many iris scanners wouldn’t be tricked by photos, but the video mode he used could capture the detailed color spectrum of the iris and make it easier to fool the scanner.

“Iris scan successful!”

With a heavy muffled mechanical sound, the vault opened. This directly shocked the ambassador and the business alliance people, and their jaws almost dropped.

Xu Cheng pulled open the gate and immediately took out his pistol. He pointed at the people in the middle of moving the money and shouted, “One more move and I will shoot!”

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  1. Ughhh…. You can’t use a picture for an iris scan. There’s no way his phone’s camera is high enough resolution to make a clear enough photo for the scanner. Even then I’m fairly sure the scanner scans in 3 dimensions, so scanning a 2d photo- not printed out but directly from the phone screen- just wouldn’t work.

    Imagine how much of a security risk it is if your scanners can accept photos to unlock. That would make the lock really useless.

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