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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 162.1

Chapter 162: I Really Want to See What You Can Achieve In the Future (Part one)

Xu Cheng shouted, and the people inside the passage that were transporting the cash turned around to see a group of fully-armed officers pointing their guns at them. These guys immediately got scared shatless and dropped the money they were carrying.

Li Chao and Wu Gang shouted as they charged into the vault with other officers, and the ambassador almost lost his balance as he felt a chill down his spine. By the corner, Zuozhi had already fainted.

“President!” Those from the business alliance all went to try to help him up.

Xu Cheng looked at everyone around him and said, “Hurry and detain everyone here, including the ambassador!”

The special police officers began getting to work and cuffing people up, and a group had already began sorting through the black money inside the vault. The officers downstairs directly blocked off the safe passages and entrances.

After about an hour, about 40 or so people were escorted down the building into the police cars. Then, a few cash-transporting vehicles came and loaded up the black money.

The local and national news headline that day was: Underground money house that had been lurking for dozen years in Shangcheng finally apprehended. A total of 15 billion yuan was seized!

This incident directly shocked East and South Gate to impotency. 

And then, the Wei Nation Embassy that got involved directly brought shame to their country. In the Wei Nation, the prime minister directly smashed the document onto the ground and said to his assistant, “Send an apology to Huaxia. Since the evidence is solid, then don’t mind the ambassador that got taken in and just get someone to replace him. Let him fend for himself!”

Assistant frowned. “Then about the Business Alliance…?”

The prime minister directly slapped the desk and shouted, “Could it be that they expect me to send a facking army over to help them take back that black money? What a bunch of greedy capitalists!”

Recently in the political achievement aspect, Shangcheng had been setting the example for all cities across the country. First, they annihilated the old city underground North Gate gang, and then they sniped the West Gate’s money-laundering case, and now they even uprooted the entire underground money house! Not to mention the underground money house, just killing 2 out of the 4 Gates was enough to spike the police morale and kill the four Gates’ reputations and confidence, and that was what the officials needed the most. The underground forces in Shangcheng had been too prominent, and they took advantage of the conveniences of underground operation and cooperated with many businesses. This entire chain was something that the government and police had a lot of trouble trying to suppress. Besides, in an economy-centric city like Huaxia, many of their policies favored businesses, and it had been a pain in the azz that those businesses had been helping out with the growth of the underground forces. But now, the four Gates’ morale could be viewed as completely dead, and with 2 already down, the other 2 left basically had to start tip-toeing. On the other hand, the rich business groups were also shocked.

It had only been about 2 months since it all started, and the series of vigorous and aggressive operations and attacks had been unprecedented. It was because they belittled and despised the police in the past, this whole thing just happened way too quickly, and it was like hitting a slippery snake right at its most vulnerable spot. 

And then, through the whole storm-like operation, a name began surfacing among the rich businessmen’s circle – Xu Cheng!

Just two months ago, this insignificant officer was just a patrol officer. Yet, he got into the criminal police department in just a month and stirred up a storm. He almost arrested everyone that deserved to be arrested, and what shocked everyone even more was that he even managed to throw the Wei Nation’s ambassador into the chaos! And the attitude on the Wei Nation’s side also confirmed that they did not intend on saving the ambassador. This spoke volumes of how damning the evidence that was in the police’s possession was. 

Now, let’s take a look again at the characters that were eaten by the whole police tiger storm. 

First, it was North Gate and its infamous leader, Gate Master Yan. In the social ranking of Shangcheng, Gate Master Yan’s level of influence could be ranked in the top 100!

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  1. MTLD text block:

    On this day, local news media and national broadcasts: Shangcheng captured the underground bankers who had been dormant for more than ten years, and attacked more than 150 billion soft sister coins before and after!

    It’s 150 Billion Yuan, not 15 Billion.

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