Chapter 163: The Fish That Slipped Through the Net (Part one)

On the next day, after Xu Cheng came out from the HQ’s HR department, he directly went to his office to pack up his stuff. All the members of Team 2 had just come back from the awards ceremony after getting their recognitions, and upon seeing Xu Cheng, they all gathered around in excitement. “Boss, why didn’t you go to the meeting?”

“I’m leaving,” Xu Cheng smiled and said. Then, he looked at them and continued, “In the future, you guys will be the pride of Team 2. Work hard!”

The members all felt shocked. “Boss, what are you saying?”

“I already submitted my resignation,” Xu Cheng said with a smile. Unknowingly during these years, he really became a lot stronger and more confident, and now he truly entered the mental state where he would remain calm no matter what the situation was. He patted these guys on the shoulder and said, “Although I’m gone, don’t let me hear that any of you are not working hard. Make me proud. Although our team is smaller, now no one else will dare to look down on us, and all of this was because of our hard work and capabilities. So, keep up the good work and make me proud.”

Upon saying that, he didn’t give Wu Gang and the others the chance to reply and directly walked past them out of the office.

The ten members were all more upset than ever. Originally, they came back all happy and stuff from the awards ceremony, and they thought that their boss didn’t go because the higher ups wanted to personally praise him. They completely didn’t expect to come back to see their boss leave Team 2…

Li Chao’s face sunk. “I remember the Wei Nation ambassador said something about giving pressure to the police force, that’s why the higher ups had no choice but to let our boss go!”

Another member also nodded. “I heard something about it too. I think Boss made the Wei Nation’s ambassador lose all of his face and that’s why they wanted to criticize Boss on the grounds of damaging their country’s reputation.”

Wu Gang heard that and immediately cursed, “Fack that piece of shat, I’m going to go to prison and beat the shat out of that ambassador first and then talk!”

Li Chao grabbed him right away. “What’s the point of that? Let’s go, bros, let’s all go to the director and demand an explanation and let everyone know who’s the biggest hero in this case. They don’t have to promote us or raise our salary, but they definitely can’t treat our boss like this! Without him, where would we be at right now? What did all the people call us before? And what about now? Who still dares to talk down to us? And who was the one that made that happen?”

“Yes, let’s get an explanation!”

Then, the ten of them all walked towards the HQ director’s office, just in time to see the department director and the others, who had just finished their meeting at the HQ director’s office. They ran into them in the hall, and seeing how fierce they looked, the department director asked in curiosity, “What’s this? Are you about to eat someone?”

Wu Gang’s temper was a bit more straightforward, and he directly said, “Sir, let me just ask you, did our boss get transferred to another place to get promoted or did he get fired?”

The department director glared at them. “Why are you guys asking about that? That is the arrangement of the higher ups. You guys go back to your work, stop blocking the hallway.”

Li Chao wasn’t happy as well. “Are the higher ups blind or something? How could they make such an arrangement? Did their hit their heads somewhere?”

The department director got angry right away. “You little [email protected] what did you say? Getting so full of yourself right after the awards ceremony?”

Wu Gang: “It was because we accepted the awards but our boss didn’t get anything, we aren’t convinced! If the higher ups wants to maintain their decision, then we will go up or down with our boss!”

“Yes, we will follow our boss!”

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