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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 164.2

Chapter 164: Your Power WIll Make The Whole World Your Enemy (Part two)

Xu Cheng’s subconscious mind immediately took over and worked like a machine, and his hands were basically teleporting up and down, left and right. It was already very hard for Neil to detect Xu Cheng’s movements with his naked eye. Although Xu Cheng was just sitting there, his hands were moving like phantoms. 

When Neil shot the last bullet in his magazine, he saw Xu Cheng opening his hand, revealing 5 bullets on his palm.

Neil fell to the ground, and he looked at Xu Cheng in terror. “No! Impossible! How can you catch bullets?”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled, but that smile in Neil’s eyes was extremely horrifying. Xu Cheng said to him, “When the power of the muscle reaches 20 times that of ordinary people and the physique is tough enough, one can forcefully disarm the impact of the bullet and can naturally catch the bullet. Don’t you know science?”

Neil was going to collapse, but right now he was still wide awake and he quickly pulled out another magazine, trying to reload. However, since he was too nervous, his hands trembled and he jammed the magazine.

Xu Cheng nonchalantly picked up a bullet from his palm, and then locked it between his index finger and thumb. When Neil was still trying to reload, he faintly said, “Now, it’s time to test the precision and explosive power.”

As he said that, Neil finally finished reloading and was about to shoot when Xu Cheng flicked the bullet in his hand! The bullet few right through Neil’s hand, making him directly drop his gun as his hand bled. Neil immediately tried to pick it up again with another hand, but Xu Cheng already aimed another bullet at him as he said, “You can test to see who’s faster.”

Neil’s hand stopped as he gave up on trying to pick up the gun. He directly leaned into the wall, his face not looking good at all. It could be said that Xu Cheng’s bullet-catching act completely subverted his previous understanding of the world and struck fear and despair into his heart.

Xu Cheng suddenly got up from the sofa, walked to him and looked down at him as he asked, “I know M Nation has been backing the Black Water Corporation. Tell me, was there other conspiracies in the background behind the underground money house shorting to manipulate Huaxia’s currency? So, you are trying to kill me because I ruined M Nation’s plan, not because I killed your employer, right?”

Neil bitterly smiled. “It’s no fun dealing with people like you. To be honest, no one would want to be your enemy or be eyed by you. So what if there was a conspiracy? Isn’t it all disintegrated by you already? If those old useless pieces of garbage were cautious from the very beginning, then maybe they wouldn’t have lost this badly.”

As Neil said this, one of his hands had subconsciously reached for his back where he hid his military-grade dagger. Xu Cheng said, “Don’t try to resist, I know you have a dagger behind your back. But that’s useless, you are no match for me at all. Not even bullets can kill me, you think you can fight me with a dagger?”

Neil closed his eyes in despair. “Then you for sure won’t let me live, right? Because I know your abilities now. This power of yours will one day make the whole world your enemy!”

Before he could finish, Xu Cheng already flicked his fingers, and a bullet shot right through Neil’s head between his eyebrows.

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    Thanks for the chapter.
    Also, I noticed that the ‘next chapter’ link in chapter 160 pt.2 is on a loop.

    • noodletowntranslated

      Oh, thanks for pointing that out 😀 we have fixed it!

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          gotchu hommie, glad that you are enjoying your stay!

  2. Kishenkp

    Black water corporation?

  3. How is he going to explain, how he killed him…

    And what is M Nation… no way it couldn’t be right? Madagascar!!! These evil lemurs couldn’t not try to lay their hands on Huaxia!

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