Chapter 165: Holy Crap Bro (Part one)

At night, Xu Cheng, Lin Lei, Shen Yao, and Ran Jing were drinking together at the riverside bar.

Ran Jing and Shen Yao were both not in the mood, and they were both just looking at Xu Cheng. Shen Yao had her hands supporting her cheeks, looking at Xu Cheng like she was about to interrogate him for a serious crime.

Xu Cheng was chewing on some barbecue skewers, and upon seeing that, he asked curiously, “You alright?” 

“You were doing so well, why quit your job?” Ran Jing asked first.

“Yeah, don’t you know how many people wanted to accomplish something in a city like Shangcheng where even the bird poop is sweet? You went through a lot of hard work to get to where you are at now with all that fame and power, why choose to quit now? You are still young!” Shen Yao also felt that Xu Cheng’s decision was too impulsive.

It was actually Lin Lei that smiled and said as he poured himself a glass of alcohol, “You guys don’t understand my Brother-in… don’t understand Brother Chen. He doesn’t care about those things.”

Shen Yao and Ran Jing looked at Xu Cheng and said, “What is it that you want then?”

Xu Cheng poured a glass of alcohol, then he looked at them and said, “In fact, it was the fact that Uncle Shen doesn’t think I’m good enough for you, because no matter how good I do, I won’t be able to get into the class with true power. So, I might as well go venture into another path. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to pursue you.”

Shen Yao glared at him, gritted her teeth, and said, “Even if I let you, do you have the balls to?”

Lin Lei looked towards Xu Cheng, very much wanting to know how he would respond.

Xu Cheng didn’t expect Shen Yao would say something like this. If it was any other men that were provoked by a woman like this, especially a perfect woman with a rich background, they would definitely man up and accept the challenge.

But, Xu Cheng just smiled and continued to take bites off of his skewer, not following this topic.

Shen Yao was quite disappointed. Immediately, she awkwardly reached out to pour herself a glass full of beer and drank. Ran Jing watched on the side, and she also subtly felt something. She didn’t know why, but she was very scared of hearing Xu Cheng not being able to resist Shen Yao’s provocations and really pursue her. But now, seeing that even Shen Yao acting this way wasn’t enough for Xu Cheng to change his mind, she also felt a bit bitter for her.

It wasn’t that Ran Jing or Shen Yao weren’t pretty enough, but rather that Lin Chuxue was still occupying the first place in Xu Cheng’s heart. It might be because she was the first one Xu Cheng ever liked. Ever since they were small, if he were to name someone that left him the only beautiful memory in his childhood, it would be Lin Chuxue. 

Some feelings, especially first love, wasn’t something that could be forgotten by the passage of time. Xu Cheng wasn’t the type to flirt with other girls, and since he was already married, he obviously knew not to provoke other women. Even though he didn’t know whether he could spend the rest of his life with Lin Chuxue, he knew that he should respect marriage as long as Lin Chuxue didn’t divorce him.

Shen Yao filled herself with 5 to 6 cups of alcohol in a row, and she became more and more pissed the more and more she thought about it. Is it because I wasn’t being obvious enough? she thought. However, she had been surrounded by suitors ever since she was young, since when did she need to take the initiative to court someone? Even an idiot could tell that the signals she was giving off meant she was into Xu Cheng, yet this guy didn’t even show any reaction, nor acceptance or rejection.

Feeling bitter, Shen Yao took another drink, and then she finally slammed the glass onto the table and said, “Xu Cheng, are you a man or not?”

When Lin Lei heard that, he knew a good show was about to start and he turned to look at Xu Cheng.

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