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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 165.2

Chapter 165: Holy Crap Bro (Part two)

Xu Cheng just sat there, not saying a word. He lit a cigarette for himself. He knew what Shen Yao wanted to say, and after taking a sip of smoke, Xu Cheng sighed and said, “Shen Yao, I’m actually married already.”

Shen Yao returned him a look of resentment. She didn’t expect Xu Cheng to use this kind of excuse to reject her! It wasn’t like she hadn’t checked Xu Cheng’s profile with the government, he wasn’t married at all!

She looked at Xu Cheng with disappointment and said, “You can offend West Gate, charging into the casino and saving a person just to help a little girl; you are willing to take on all four Gates and take down North Gate and arrest the big shots behind West Gate, basically stirring up a storm in all of Shangcheng. You are a true man with iron blood, and now, even a word from you could shake up the underground world of Shangcheng, but why can’t you just answer me seriously? You are not afraid of anything, yet are you afraid of me liking you? So scared that you can’t think of a better excuse than you are married? So scared that you used an excuse that wouldn’t even fool a three-year-old? Xu Cheng, what do you take me as? Am I a supermarket on-sale level girl that you can grab a handful of each time? Why is it so hard for you to take a good look at me?”

When Shen Yao got spicy, it would be hard to find a match.

Seeing how Lin Lei was trying so hard to force in his smile as he looked at Xu Cheng gloatingly, Xu Cheng elbowed him, knowing that the kid was purposely here to watch the show.

Seeing how Xu Cheng was still not being serious with Lin Lei, Shen Yao got angry. Her cheeks puffed as she stood up and forcefully turned Xu Cheng’s head towards her, face to face, as she said, “Don’t look elsewhere, answer me.”

Xu Cheng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Come on, how do you want me to reply? We are not suitable for each other.”

Shen Yao glared at him. “How are we not suitable?”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed. “Even your dad thinks that we are not compatible though…”

Shen Yao: “Which father wouldn’t be wary of their daughter being deceived by other men? It’s normal for him to say that to you because he doesn’t know you. You even dare to screw the four kings of West Gate over, and you even screwed the Wei Nation’s ambassador over. Why can’t you just man up and screw over my dad by kidnapping his daughter?”

When those words came out, even Lin Lei had to give his brother-in-law a big thumbs up.

Holy crap, to be able to make a beautiful and rich heiress unconditionally fall in love with you, how come I’m not lucky to encounter this kind of blessing?

Xu Cheng really didn’t know how to respond… After awhile, he coughed and replied, “I’m a police officer, I don’t do things that are illegal.”

Shen Yao was a bit drunk at this point, and plus her spoiled temper, she was basically not going to give up unless she got an answer. “What do you mean illegal? I’m willing to be kidnapped by you, that’s illegal too?”

“Sister Yao, look at me, I’m more handsome than Brother Cheng,” Lin Lei interrupted at this time.

“Brat, go away, what use is being handsome? Do you think I still lack handsome suitors? I’m not lacking any that would spoil me and dote on me, I just want this man in front of me that has a problem with his brain and likes to ignore me!”

Lin Lei wanted cry but had no tears: it was the first time he heard a woman think that his handsome face was worthless…

Seeing how this woman was taking this opportunity of being drunk and going all out, Xu Cheng immediately went to Lin Lei for help. “Didn’t I tell you I’m married already? Everyone likes beautiful women, just ask Lei, does he like beautiful women? But really, he knows too, I’m already married, and I really love my wife.”

Then, he said seriously with a bitter laugh, “I don’t even think I’m loving my wife enough, how can I spare more energy to love someone else?”

Shen Yao: “Who’s your wife? Go and get her to come out! Xu Cheng, I’m telling you, don’t use this kind of crappy excuse to reject me! You, Xu Cheng, don’t have the balls, but I do!”

Then, after hitting a loud and long burp, Shen Yao stood up a bit dizzy and asked Ran Jing, “Ran Jing, tell me, is it illegal for woman to rape men? I have to tell him what is means to have balls.”

Ran Jing: “…”

Xu Cheng: “…”

Lin Lei looked at Xu Cheng. “Holy crap Bro!”

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