Chapter 166: Your Best Friend Just Confessed to Your Man (Part one)

On the next day, Shen Yao woke up a bit dizzy and she saw Ran Jing sleeping beside her. She just looked right at the ceiling. Ran Jing felt that Shen Yao woke up so she asked, “You thirsty?”

Shen Yao: “Why do you ask?” 

Ran Jing said teasingly, “Because you were talking a crap ton yesterday and the bar owner was so close to kicking us out. Anyway, the story of a beautiful heiress threatening to rape a man already got spread in the local area, and now you made Xu Cheng quite troubled.”

Shen Yao’s face darkened. Then, she snorted, “Troubled by what? Can’t he just think of it as me being drunk?”

Ran Jing looked towards her with a cheeky smile and asked, “But you weren’t really, right? I know.”

Shen Yao also looked back at her and replied, “I was being so direct already yet he could still remain so indifferent. I really don’t know what to say anymore. Ran Jing, you tell me, am I not pretty enough or something?”

Ran Jing: “No, you are pretty everywhere.” 

Shen Yao: “Then I’m just so confused, he didn’t even want to flirt with me one bit. I’m clearly not his cup of tea.”

Ran Jing: “So what? Were you serious?”

Shen Yao: “What serious?”

Ran Jing: “Before, we were betting that you could get him to fall in love with you and then you would dump him. Say, is it possible that he found out about our bet?”

Shen Yao stared into her eyes. “Even you think that I’m pursuing him just to win our bet?”

Ran Jing: “I know that’s not the case, that’s why I’m scared that you actually fell in love with him. I think Xu Cheng’s acting this way because he already has someone in his heart.”

Shen Yao lowered her face and bitterly smiled. “Of course I know that too. Last time when I asked him, he said that he has someone he likes already. But, I thought that as long as they aren’t together, my excellence could win him over.”

Speaking of this, Shen Yao became more depressed. She let out a sigh and continued, “There has been a time where I wanted to put this feeling out, yet the result was actually the opposite. The more I got to know him, the more I feel that he’s amazing. He’s calm and confident, as if everything is always going according to his plan. That sense of safety and security felt really nice, and the more he showed that he wasn’t into me, the harder I want to try to prove myself, and the deeper I think. And now, I’m trapped, I just want to see him everyday and whenever I think about possibly spending the next day together, I would feel really happy and hope tomorrow would come faster, even thinking that the nights were too long.”

Ran Jing jokingly said, “So that’s the biggest reason you are dragging out your vacation days and not going back to work?”

Shen Yao awkwardly said, “Yeah, I don’t know why I was so impulsive last night, but now that he knows how I feel, I can tell from his reaction that maybe he really isn’t into me. Oh well, some things just can’t be forced. Now that I told him everything, it will be awkward to see each other again. But, I don’t regret letting him know how I feel. My vacation days were over a long time ago, it’s time for me to leave too.”

Ran Jing was a bit surprised. “Where to?”

Shen Yao pretended to be indifferent as she lightly laughed and said, “Of course I’m going to work. I will be flying all over the place again, and I will just treat it as a vacation to relax. Hopefully when I get back, we can all go back to being friends.”

Then, Shen Yao walked out of his room. Seeing her packing again, Shen Wansan immediately got nervous and frowned as he came over. “Yaoyao, what happened? Why are you moving out all of a sudden? Are you not feeling comfortable at home? Who made you unhappy this time?”

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