Chapter 166: Your Best Friend Just Confessed to Your Man (Part two)

Shen Yao said with a blank expression, “I’m going to work, and I won’t be coming back often.”

Shen Wansan: “What work? Are you short on money? Daddy can just give you more.”

Shen Yao: “That’s yours, not mine.”

Shen Wansan: “Isn’t what’s mine yours as well?”

Shen Yao looked up at her dad with a serious expression and said, “Dad, you are always wary of who I’m with and who I should make friends with, but do you know that there are also men who just don’t want to be with me? Now, don’t even take away my right to work. If you still want us to get along well, then it’s best for you to respect my decisions.”

Then, she finished packing and left.

In Xu Cheng’s condo, he had been stretching on the balcony after getting up in the morning. Lin Lei walked out as he rubbed his eyes and said, “To be honest, Brother Cheng, you don’t have to give up a girl that likes you for my sister.”

“Isn’t it strange for that to come out from your mouth? I’m your brother-in-law, and you want me to accept other women?” Xu Cheng gave him a look.

“Then why can’t you and my sister just be honest to each other in the first place? *sigh*, how come I can’t meet a girl like this?” Lin Lei sighed and said. 

Xu Cheng looked at him from the corner of his eyes. “You still lack women in your life?”

“I don’t lack those that come at me with ulterior motives, but I’ve never actually met one that comes with a perfect package of looks, character, background, intelligence, and so on. The key is, Sister Yao’s the type that was willing to give her heart to you. If she has a motive, then at most her goal was to have your babies. The women that come after me were all too deep, it’s not like I don’t know if they were after me for my money or not,” Lin Lei stretched as well and said.

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything and went back inside, leaving Lin Lei out on the balcony, who dialed his sister’s number.

Lin Chuxue’s assistant was still doing makeup for her, and seeing the call, Lin Chuxue picked up right away. On the other end, Lin Lei directly said, “Sis, your best friend just confessed to your man last night.”

Lin Chuxue fell silent for awhile. And then, she asked, “And then?”

Lin Lei: “Do you want to hear the result of my brother-in-law accepting her or rejecting her? In fact, you are probably very scared that my brother-in-law would feel something for her too, right? Since you are clearly nervous, why not just give each other a chance and admit your feelings? In the past few days, I’ve already understood my brother-in-law from his words. It would be impossible to say that he has no complaints about you keeping the relationship a secret, no ordinary men can tolerate it, especially someone with as strong of a sense of pride as Brother Cheng. To be able to respect your decision to not disclose your identity is one thing, but it is truly a humiliating thing for a guy to accept and do.” 

Lin Chuxue sighed on the other end. “Then have you thought about the consequences after we publicize our relationship status?”

Lin Lei: “I know, but why don’t you ask about his opinion? Maybe he’s willing to become the enemy of the whole world just for you? Since coming to Huaxia and seeing what he accomplished at the police force, I don’t think he’s still the Xu Cheng we knew before. He became a lot stronger.”

Lin Chuxue didn’t say anything.

Lin Lei pondered for awhile, and then he sighed and continued, “Sis, last night when a girl as pretty as you crazily confessed her love to my brother-in-law, any other men would not hesitate for a second if they were in Brother Cheng’s shoes. But, Brother Cheng rejected her! I still remember Sister Yao telling Brother Cheng to bring his wife out to show her, and when I saw that helpless expression on my brother-in-law’s face, I really wanted to pull both of you out to rightfully stand by each other and tell the world that you two are married!”

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