Chapter 168: Promise (Part one)

After putting down the letter, Xu Cheng looked into the distance at a civilian aircraft that was flying across the sky and he lightly sighed.

Two days later, Lin Lei went to Lin Chuxue’s company.

Lin Chuxue was heading out for work, and when she saw him, she asked curiously, “Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to stay with Xu Cheng?”

“Brother-in-Law’s going back to the military, so he told me to come and stay with you.” Lin Lei bitterly smiled.

Lin Chuxue’s face slightly changed. “He’s leaving?”

Lin Lei: “He’s packing right now.”

Lin Chuxue immediately ran out of the company, completely shocking her agent who  shouted behind her, “Where are you going?”

“Postpone my schedule, I’m gone for the day.” Lin Chuxue didn’t even look back as she ran down the stairs outside of the company in her heels.

“Sis, wait for me too!” Lin Lei followed, but Lin Chuxue didn’t wait for him. She just went to the parking lot and got into her own car before speeding off towards Xu Cheng’s apartment.

Four years ago, he went to the military and there was no news at all from him for four years. He finally came out, but now he’s going back again? Is he really giving up on our marriage and just leaving fate to run its course now? 

Lin Chuxue directly parked the car in front of the condo and ran into the elevator. Looking at the elevator slowly moving up, she muttered in her heart, “Hurry up, hurry up, I hope he didn’t leave yet.”

Xu Cheng carried a bag, and his other hand was holding his phone with a typed text message. He didn’t know if he should press the send button. After hesitating for awhile, he deleted the text, and then closed the door. Then, he called an elevator and walked into it.

At the same time, from another elevator, Lin Chuxue ran out and just barely missed Xu Cheng. Just a few steps out, Lin Chuxue realized that there was a person inside the other elevator and she immediately turned around. Seeing that elevator’s doors were about to fully close, she didn’t think much anymore and stuck her slim hand between the closing doors.

When the gate was about to close, Xu Cheng suddenly saw a little snow white hand reaching in between the doors. He immediately stuck out his foot to stop the elevator doors, and the doors immediately popped back open, and Xu Cheng saw the beautiful Lin Chuxue standing in front of him.

He just saw her chest was going up and down a lot from heavy breathing, and there were bead-sized sweat drops on her forehead.

“Are you not afraid of hurting your hand?” Xu Cheng scolded her for her recklessness.

“I’m not, because I know you won’t let me get hurt!” Lin Chuxue deliberately teased and smiled capriciously. The time seemed to have returned to their youth during junior high.

“So, everything you’ve done for me, I know it all, but I didn’t say it because I don’t want you to think I agreed to marry you just to pay you back. Xu Cheng, can you forget about your background, stop looking down on yourself, and just accept us two being together? Just like how you treated those upper class in Shangcheng, they looked down on you and tried to humiliate you, but you just returned with actions. One can’t decide their birth, but it’s sad to accept your fate.” Lin Chuxue looked at him and talked a lot. Those were all words she had held in and wanted to tell him a long time ago.

Xu Cheng looked at her and said, “I never cared about how others look at me, I only care about whether the little girl would still look at me the same way after she grows up. Even now, I can still remember my first day going to school, when I hid in the corner of the stairway, that little girl came over with bread and wanted to be friends with me.”

Lin Chuxue’s eyes became a bit misty. “She didn’t change at all, not even a little. She’s still like before, but only the boy had grown up and wanted to prove himself, so he locked himself up.”

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