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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 168.2

Chapter 168: Promise (Part two)

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. “But I’m a loser, and you followed me back to Huaxia for all these years, and I know you hadn’t been happy, but I had no way of taking you back to Britain. I couldn’t do anything useful, and I had been trying to escape.”

Lin Chuxue shook her head immediately, and she wanted to refute that wasn’t the case at all, but Xu Cheng continued right away, “But Chuxue, can you wait for me for a few more months?”

Lin Chuxue paused for a moment, and she looked at him with hints of surprise.

“Just wait for me for a few more months. Once the 36 army competition is over, we will take a trip back to Britain!”

“You – are you being serious?” Lin Chuxue looked at him in disbelief.

Xu Cheng nodded and was very serious. “Yes, let’s go face those people. No matter what they will say or do, I will announce that the Rose of Britain is my wife!”

Lin Chuxue’s blue gem-like eyes batted as her eyes became slightly red. “Aren’t you scared?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “My dad even has the courage to offend the Ye Family, what am I scared of? I’m his son, and if I can’t even get the woman I like and overcome this hurdle, then I’m also not qualified to seek justice for him!”

Lin Chuxue began crying tears of joy, and she bit her lip and kept on nodding. “Okay, I can wait! I’ve waited for these years already, I don’t mind waiting for a few more months.”

Xu Cheng pulled her into the elevator suddenly and into his embrace, and despite Lin Chuxue being 1.7 meters tall, she was still a little girl in front of the 1.9-meter tall burly Xu Cheng. She lost her balance and was pulled into Xu Cheng’s embrace, and she completely lost the ability to resist. She just let Xu Cheng domineeringly hug her, and the two of them both forgot to separate.

When the elevator got to the first floor and opened, Lin Lei was waiting outside and his eyes stared wide open at the sight of the two hugging. Seeing her little brother’s shocked expression, Lin Chuxue immediately pushed Xu Cheng away, fixed up her clothes and stood at the corner of the elevator.

Xu Cheng was also a bit lost in that hug and felt a bit awkward all of a sudden.

“Are you both not planning to come out?” Lin Lei teasingly asked the two of them.

Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue both stepped forward at the same time, but who knew their movement was in unison and the door was quite narrow, and the two got stuck at the door again. The situation just became more awkward than ever.

At last, Xu Cheng backed up a step to let Lin Chuxue out first, and then he went out.

After getting out, Lin Chuxue just left without even looking back, as if she was trying to flee. But, she left this behind. “Take good care of yourself when you go to the army.”

Lin Lei giggled at Xu Cheng and then immediately turned around to chase after his sis.

Xu Cheng looked at Lin Chuxue’s back image in content and felt warmth in his heart.

“Sis, what were you two doing just now?” Lin Lei caught up to his sis and deliberately asked.

Lin Chuxue gave him the stink eye, put on her shades, got into her sports car, and said, “The elevator reached the first floor so quickly, you tell me what we can do during that time?”

Lin Lei: “Are you saying that if it took longer, you two could have gotten more done?”

Lin Chuxue snorted, and she directly started the car and drove off, leaving behind Lin Lei. Lin Lei was so lost as he began shouting on the spot, “Sis, I’m your little brother! Are you just going to leave me here?”

“You know too much, I’m already being nice enough by not taking you out!” Lin Chuxue left this behind as she drove further and further away. But, on her face, there was a little happy smile on her face that hadn’t appeared in years. 

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  1. Jello

    I don’t know why but that was so satisfying eventhough i have been reading light novels for 5 years. Damn that was f-----g good .Thx

  2. Kishenkp

    Yup too good……?

  3. One sentence missing.

    The missing sentence mtld:

    After Lin Chuxue went out, he left without saying a sentence: “Go to the army and take good care of yourself.”

    Then she moved her long legs and walked out on high heels. Lin Lei looked at Xu Cheng and smiled hurrying and then turned to chase her sister.

    (Details is what gives a novel it’s colors.)

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