Chapter 169: I’m Back! (Part one)

A military defense zone in the suburb of L City belonged to the 5th Military Region’s territory. The entire 5th Military Region had about 50 thousand members, and taking into account the ones that get sent away every year and the new recruits that come in, this statistic is kept pretty consistent.

Earlier, what Wen Zhao was proud of was indeed enough for him to boast for the rest of his life. Just think about it, if every military region had about 50 thousand soldiers, 36 military regions meant 1.8 million soldiers, and to be able to be picked as one of the top 36 elite guardians was indeed very rare.

However, ever since the Three Swordsmen – Xu Cheng, Luo Yi, and Li Wei left, it was really hard for the 5th Military Region to nurture another star-level soldier, and that was why on the forums, other military regions were all laughing and saying that they would probably end up last this year.

The new recruits of the 5th Military Region (MR) were obviously furious to see those comments and immediately argued back.

Soldier of the 5th MR: “People of other MRs, don’t get too cocky. The 5th MR is just experiencing a brief period of hardship, and it will definitely rise in the future.”

Soldier of the 20th MR: “Hey, you guys are called the 5th MR, but your ranking was 28th last year. How does it make you feel that our 20th MR is actually ranked in the 11th place?”

Soldier from the 8th MR: “Why are you laughing? We didn’t even say anything yet when we were ranked 5th place, and you are already commenting and trying to refresh your presence? But you are right, the 5th MR is really garbage, I can’t refute that.”

Soldier of the 15th MR: “Another round of mocking before the tournament? What happens if the tournament becomes a big face slap?”

Soldier of the 3rd MR: “Hello Sir from the 15th MR, you guys are last every year, whose face could you possibly slap?”

Soldier from the 15th MR: “Hello Sir from the 3rd MR, I just want to say we are really going to face-slap someone this year. We are slapping the 5th MR’s face, because I feel like they will take the last place and get eliminated first from the competition.”

A soldier from the 22nd MR: “Just for what you said, I predict the 5th MR’s peeps will adopt the turtling tactic to drag it out and not get eliminated first. At least by then, they wouldn’t be last place.”

The soldier from the 5th MR was furious.“Whoever turtles is a [email protected]!”

Soldier from the 2nd MR: “Did you hear that? The 15th MR that gets last place every year, someone’s challenging you. Can’t you guys try harder? Dead last every year and yet you still have the face to come to the forum to attract aggro. You guys are the perfect textbook example of what not to do every year for our forum.”

Soldier from the 15th MR: “Let me tell you guys, this year our new recruits are all outstanding. If we are still last this year, then we welcome you to face-slap us. By then, I will facking live-stream myself shoving my junior into a fan on high speed!”

Soldier from the 2nd MR: “Just for what you said, once the tournament begins we will all just jump your a-s and kick the 15th MR out first. I look forward to seeing the livestream, maybe create a channel and post the link right now so I can bookmark it.”

Soldier from the 15th MR: “Bro… ?

A soldier from the 5th MR was on his way to his shift as he read the forum thread on his phone. He laughed. Although it wasn’t fun to be on the bottom of the rankings, the bros at the other military regions were all pretty funny. When he came to the gate, he put away his phone and saluted to his comrade to exchange shifts. Just then, a taxi stopped by the middle of the road, and then a guy in a camouflage pattern uniform came over with a bag and handed him a booklet from the small window. This person was none other than Xu Cheng. 

The soldier took a look and then gave him clearance to pass. Xu Cheng took back the booklet and walked into the military base.

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