Chapter 169: I’m Back! (Part two)

The soldier that was just about to change shift was a veteran, and he curiously looked at Xu Cheng’s back image and said, “That guy looks quite familiar.”

A rookie curiously asked, “That guy?”

Veteran: “That seems like Xu Cheng from the special ops department.”

Rookie: “Xu Cheng?”

Then, immediately, his eyes opened up wide. “Captain, isn’t Xu Cheng the top of the Three Swordsmen?”

Veteran: “Yeah, but I heard he became pretty ill with something and had no choice but to leave the army. From what the instructor said, he didn’t seem to be coming back. Did I mistake someone else for him?”

Rookie: “Capi, is Captain Xu Cheng very strong?”

Veteran: “Of course, other military regions are usually very strong overall as a group, but in our camp, no one could catch up even remotely to the level of the three Swordsmen. It could be said that every year, those three carried our azzes in the annual drill competition, and this year without them, we will probably be brutally beaten up.” The veteran sighed, “This also has something to do with the poverty level of the location of our region. Every year, the new recruits are all weaker than average, so the comprehensive military region’s strength can’t be compared with other regions. Also, unlike other regions, we have less funding, so we couldn’t invest more in training individual elites. Thus, the training strategy of our military region had been taking on the collective and general approach.”

Xu Cheng walked on the road in the military region. Although he left for a few months, coming back now after experiencing the dark baptism of capitalism in the society, he was much more calm and sophisticated than before.

The other camps’ people were dining in the cafeteria at the moment, and upon seeing him passing by, the veterans were all stunned as their chopsticks stopped. “Isn’t that Captain Xu?”

“It’s him! It’s really him! Is he really coming back?”
“He’s carrying a big piece of luggage, so that should be the case.”

“Awesome! With the competition right around the corner, I hope Captain Xu can carry the other new recruits and spike the team’s morale!”

The general instructor’s office door was pushed open, and some footsteps got closer and suddenly, a loud voice shocked him to leak a little, “Sir, Xu Cheng reporting to duty!”

The general instructor immediately looked up. Upon seeing Xu Cheng and his luggage, he smiled and said, “Took care of everything over there?”

Xu Cheng: “Pretty much, now I’m back.”

The instructor took out a key from his drawer and tossed it to him. “I’ve kept your Three Swordsmen’s dorm vacant for you. Go unpack and let’s grab a bite after at the cafeteria.”

Xu Cheng caught the keys and nodded. Then, he turned around and went to the dorm he used to live in, which wasn’t too far from here. After opening the door and seeing the empty beds of Luo Yi and Li Wei, he stood by the door as all kinds of memories filled his head. He didn’t know how the other two were doing now, and he hoped everything was alright for them.

Xu Cheng took out the photo of the three of them from before from his bag and placed it back onto his desk. He grinned and said, “I’m back.”

The things here stayed the same, but the people weren’t the same as before.

After coming out from his dorm, he saw his instructor already waiting for him downstairs. He walked down the stairs and went with him to the special ops division’s cafeteria. Over there, a lot of the new recruits were all eating, but as the veterans saw Xu Cheng, they stood up, causing the new recruits to stand up even though they didn’t know what was going on.

“Captain Xu?” someone immediately called out with uncertainty.

Xu Cheng nodded and grinned in response. “I’m back, is everyone alright?”

When the people all looked towards Xu Cheng, in a corner, some other voice sounded, “With Xu Cheng back this time, wouldn’t the drill competition be centered around him? Didn’t this guy leave because he weakened drastically because of some illness? Hu Bing, I’m afraid that you have to give away your captain’s position on the team now.”

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