Chapter 170: Arrogant Rookie (Part one)

Hu Bing was a new recruit, and because of his excellent physical stats and performance overall, he was transferred to the special ops department as a celebrity-level single-soldier to be trained to take the Three Swordsmen’s place. It could be said that the entire camp placed half of their hopes on him, and he also shouldered the pressure and took on the “Numba 1 Bro” title in the special ops division. A lot of veterans were weaker than him, so in terms of training resources, the instructors would make him an exception and focus more on him. He also didn’t let other people down and improved his skills at a steady rate. He was very talented, and it was said that they would develop tactics centering around him during the competition, so he became the focus of everyone and would likely be appointed the team captain.

However, just at this critical time, an unexpected person came back. That’s right, it was Xu Cheng. 

If it was by seniority and qualifications, Xu Cheng would naturally be the captain if he was also participating in this competition. That was an undisputed thing, because as the former “Numba 1 Bro”, he was the guy that carried everyones’ azzes back then. Even if his abilities dropped a bit, he still had experience, and the instructors would for sure want a seasoned veteran to take the lead and carry the rhythm. 

That was why the other people were saying that Hu Bing’s captain position and resources were going to be taken from him.

Hu Bing didn’t really care who the captain was, but he really cared about the original game plan that was developed around him. If that were to be canceled, he would be really pissed. If this game plan could work and he ended up proving himself, then he would be the rising star even if they didn’t end up with a good rank. Once his name gets out, then there would be better opportunities lined up for him even after he retires from the military, and that was what he really cared about. To be frank, everyone was selfish, and he wasn’t wrong for wanting to pave a road to a better future. 

The army and the government was kind of like an industrial chain – as long as you became hot and popular during your time of service in the military, you would get transferred to other high-power positions in the country in advance. Even if you stayed for the whole term, many private companies or businessmen would pay large amounts to hire you to be their bodyguard. In fact, many rich people would only recruit from the military instead of those champions from martial arts tournaments, because they knew that those competitions could be rigged by capitalists. To be frank, most of them were a bunch of celebrities that performed for a living and didn’t really have much real life-and-death combat experience. The smart businessmen would only trust soldiers that had been baptized by the military.

So, Xu Cheng’s appearance could affect Hu Bing’s plan, and of course he wasn’t cool with it.

The instructor told the rookies and veterans of the special ops division to calm down first and let Xu Cheng and him get some food. Then, the instructor purposely introduced Xu Cheng to Hu Bing. He dragged him to Hu Bing’s table, laughed, and said, “Here, let me introduce to you, this is the representative of the rookies after you Three Swordsmen left – Hu Bing!”

Xu Cheng smiled and looked at Hu Bing. Reasonably speaking, the rookie should salute and pay respect, and then wait for the veteran to reply with a salute. But what was awkward was that Hu Bing just kept on eating and didn’t stand up to salute. This prompted a few veterans of similar seniority as Xu Cheng to elbow Hu Bing.

Hu Bing somewhat reluctantly stood up and saluted, “Hello, Captain Xu.”

“Hello.” Xu Cheng saluted back in response.

A few veterans that knew Xu Cheng were all pretty close with him, and seeing Hu Bing’s attitude, one of them didn’t hide his feelings and directly shouted, “What kind of attitude is that? Put your feet together, do you still need me to remind you?”

“It’s fine, Su.” Xu Cheng waved his hand. “Let’s eat, let’s eat.”

He didn’t want to stir something up right after coming back. Sometimes, Xu Cheng was pretty easy going. Because he lost his parents when he was young, most of the time he would cherish the things he could cherish; as long as someone didn’t offend him, he would be pretty nice to most people. 

The instructor knew why Hu Bing was having this moodswing. He shook his head and didn’t say anything. They just sat down to eat with these soldiers.

“It’s sad that Luo Yi and Lei Wei aren’t here, or else we can bring back the Three Swordsmen era,” a veteran exclaimed.

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