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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 170.2

Chapter 170: Arrogant Rookie (Part two)

Another veteran laughed and said, “Are you sure those three aren’t gay? Everytime I walk past their dorm, I could smell a special kind of stink.”

The veterans from those times immediately laughed upon hearing this.

At this moment, Hu Bing mumbled to himself out of the blue, “Even with the Three Swordsmen, it’s still 28th place.”

Another rookie tugged on Hu Bing’s clothes, a bit shocked that he would say such a thing out of the blue. 

“What did you say?” The other veterans weren’t pleased to hear it.

“It’s fine.” Xu Cheng stopped what seemed like the start of a fight. He stuffed a bite of braised pork into his mouth, then he lowered his head and said a bit dejectedly, “Indeed there wasn’t a need to brag. Among the other military regions across the country, many people don’t even know who the Three Swordsmen are.”

“It’s enough if we know it!” A veteran slammed down on the desk. “Although we never got into the top 20, but with the special circumstances of our military region, we are proud enough if we can get into top 22!”

“That’s right. Only those that had been through that period of time know how unforgettable that era is. If you haven’t participated in one, don’t think too highly of yourself. Among the 1.8 million soldiers in the nation, there are 36 teams and each has 15 people. Do you know how many top tier elites and tactical groups there are?” The veterans looked at Hu Bing from the corner of their eyes. The rookies these years were really too arrogant. 

“Okay, just cut it out.” The head instructor glared at both sides. 

Hu Bing slammed the chopsticks on the desk, stood up, looked at the head instructor and asked, “Sir, you only picked 14 people and left one spot open, are you planning to save it for Captain Xu?”

“He’s qualified to join the team,” the other veterans snorted. 

“Then are we still executing the tactic that centers around me?” Hu Bing asked.

“Uh…” The head instructor looked at Xu Cheng. 

Xu Cheng smiled and answered for the head instructor. “Don’t worry, you are still the metronome of the team.”
Hu Bing’s other rookie comrades heard this and felt that Hu Bing should stop causing trouble since Captain Xu had said this. But, who knew Hu Bing would say, “Since we are still executing our old tactic, then before I understand Captain Xu’s current strength, I don’t have a spot on my team for him.” 

“Hu Bing!” Several veterans couldn’t take it anymore. They slammed the desk and immediately began shouting at him, “You b*tchazz little piece of sh*t even dare to doubt Xu Cheng?”

Hu Bing replied, not humble nor arrogant, “I think everyone knows why Captain Xu left in the first place, and that’s due to him not being good enough! If that’s the case, what’s the point of adding him onto the team? Captain Xia Hai, you said as well, it’s an elite operation of 15 people, and having one fewer person means a drastic decrease in power. So, we must be cautious with assessing everyone’s abilities.”

The head instructor was angry too. “Hu Bing, Xu Cheng is someone I will shove into that name list no matter what. I already submitted it too, there’s no way to change it now, you know that?” 

Hu Bing directly left these words. “Then I firmly refuse him training with us.”

Then, he just left. 

The head instructor couldn’t be more pissed. “This little [email protected]’s getting a bit arrogant now, knowing that we were relying on him on the competition this year!”

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