Chapter 171: Combat Training Between Veteran and Rookie (Part one)

A veteran couldn’t tolerate this anymore. They pointed at Hu Bing’s back and said with a hint of resentment, “This brat is too out of line.”

A few others immediately pushed him down. “Just let it go. You can’t beat him, just say less.”

“I…” The veteran didn’t know what to say next. It wasn’t like no one looked for trouble with Hu Bing before, but the thing was, those people all became stepping stones for him and made him even more famous. It seemed like no challenger had beaten him before, and that was what made the higher ups notice this rookie and decide to train him.

The head instructor bitterly laughed and said to Xu Cheng, “Don’t mind him, there are arrogant rookies every year. Some were beaten into being humble, but this brat does have something, and whoever tries to lecture him would be beaten by him into being quiet.”

Xu Cheng: “No wonder every time I said I’m coming back, you were hesitating. It was because of him?”

The head instructor bitterly smiled. “You also saw, not even my words work on him a hundred percent of the time. This guy does have some background, and plus his skills, it’s inevitable for him to be so arrogant. But, it’s true that he obeys the rules, and he just doesn’t like veterans talking like superiors just because of seniority. Many veterans tried to teach him a lesson but couldn’t beat him in combat, and his famous saying for coming into this military region was to break the legend of the Three Swordsmen. So, don’t mind his attitude.”

Xu Cheng grinned. “What’s the big deal though? I already said I won’t affect his original game plan, it’s just adding one more guy. I’m willing to cooperate with him.”

Head Instructor: “Don’t worry, you have the spot as promised, no matter how much of a tantrum this brat throws. But try to avoid confronting him in the near term, this guy will probably try to find a bone to pick with you to prove to you his strength.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Don’t worry, I know what to do. When does training start?”

Head Instructor: “They had already begun training these days, just waiting for you now. But, with Hu Bing’s personality, I predict he won’t let you really get involved. After all, in the past few days, they had been able to cooperate with just 14 people. Give me some time, I will go and talk some sense into him.”

Xu Cheng nodded, and then he got some alcohol to drink with several veterans. The atmosphere from before came back again, and since there were no tasks today, they all drank their hearts out to celebrate Xu Cheng’s return. At night, Xu Cheng dizzily walked back to his dorm and slept. 

On the second day when he woke up, he saw Hu Bing standing by his bed with that photo frame in his hand as he was looking at it. Xu Cheng directly got up and snatched the photo frame over, not looking too good. 

“It’s best to not touch other people’s stuff without permission,” he said with a long face.

Hu Bing shrugged nonchalantly but asked in return, “Is this the three swordsmen?” 

Xu Cheng didn’t bother to respond.

Hu Bing wasn’t happy with his attitude and sneered, “I just came to see when you were going to sleep until. Are you not planning to train? Do you plan to make the 14 of us all wait for you? If you don’t want to participate in the competition then just quit, don’t drag the rest of us down.”

After saying that, he directly walked out.

Xu Cheng went to the bathroom and quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth. Then, after putting on the green tank top, military pants, and boots, he hurriedly exited the dorm and rushed to the training field where the team was assembling.

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