Chapter 174: Perfect Pathing (Part one)

The group of veterans all felt a bit embarrassed upon hearing that. Wei Yuan snorted, “What are you talking about? I’m a very considerate guy that’s attentive to details.“

Liao Shuhang: “If you are such a considerate guy, then why did you still get dumped and she say that you are not a considerate guy? That b*tch lying then?”

The others all burst into a low laughter upon hearing this, while Wei Yuan and Liao Shuhang almost got into a fight right there and then.

Inside the command center, the analysts said, “If the veterans keep on dragging this on, it will actually be more beneficial for the defending side. If it was the usual defense tactic, the darker it gets, the more difficult it would be to defend against an attack. But with Hu Bing’s strategy, it will be more advantageous the darker it gets, because the dark will provide better cover for him to ambush them.”

Head Instructor: “This is also something smart about Hu Bing.This brat is pretty good, it’s just his temper that needs more improvement. I hope he doesn’t fall too hard in the competition.”

On the other side, Xu Cheng looked at the sunset and said faintly, “The sky’s getting dark.”

Wei Yuan: “Xu Cheng, should we just stall it out with them? Should we wait until the middle of the night to launch a surprise attack?”

Xu Cheng shook his head. “I don’t want to stay here for the night. I still want to go back and take a hot shower.”

Everyone else was speechless. Come on, bro, you came here to train, and we are all trying hard to help you prove yourself to Hu Bing, yet you are so relaxed that it seems like winning or losing doesn’t matter… Can you be more serious and at least act nervous?

Xu Cheng knew these guys misunderstood him. He grinned. “What I meant was, let’s finish them fast.”

Liao Shuhang: “How should we finish them? Just tell us what we should do. We are only about 200 meters away from the defense zone,and we should be crossing into their sights any minute now.”

Xu Cheng: “Old Zhang, take out the map.”

Old Zhang took out the map from his backpack and laid it on the floor. Xu Cheng studied the map and he raised his head to use his penetrating vision and ultrasonic waves to lock onto the people laying in ambush ahead. Then, he took out a pen and drew a circle on the map. “If they are hiding there, the giant tree and dense shrubs could provide very good cover for them to either attack or retreat. It’s a cone-shaped defense line, and if we attack from the center, the enemies waiting in ambush on both sides can quickly come for reinforcement, resulting in a head-on confrontation on all sides which would place us at a great disadvantage. I think they also predicted we won’t be attacking from the center, so they deployed many traps on the two sides, and now, it’s the center that’s actually wide open for now.”

Liao Shuhang was a bit lost. “Then, Old Xu, where should we attack? After hearing what you said, I feel like there’s no way to take them on…”

Xu Cheng looked up and glanced at the points the enemies set up ambushes at. There were 5 people on each side, with Hu Bing guarding the far center with four other soldiers. Just like Xu Cheng said, there were many traps and mines on both sides, all of them well-disguised. It was almost night time, and it would definitely be a big disadvantage for the attacking side.


Xu Cheng looked everywhere, and suddenly Hu Bing was gone!

Where did he go?

Xu Cheng looked for awhile trying to find him, finally locating his tracks in the shrubs. Oh wow, this brat actually hid himself in the center on the outer region where they would pass by for sure.

Upon seeing this, Xu Cheng smiled, and his eyes revealed a sly look. 

“Got it.”

He pointed at the map and said to the veterans, “There are people on both sides. Now, I will draw an offense road map for you. Remember, the circles I drew are where traps could be at, so definitely try to avoid them on your way there.”

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