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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 174.2

Chapter 174: Perfect Pathing (Part two)

Wei Yuan: “Didn’t you say the middle is wide open? Since the two sides are heavily guarded and trapped, why are we still attacking from both sides?”

Xu Cheng: “Why are there so many traps on both sides? Because the disadvantage of splitting troops to two sides is that the moment one side is in trouble, it would be very difficult for the other side to provide reinforcements on time. Only the troops in the middle can provide support to either side really quickly, but they would be abandoning the other side if they head to one side. So, they decided to deploy most of their resources and traps on the sides just in case we pick a strategy that could put them in a passive position, and the traps and mines can help them buy some time. And if we decide to go down the middle, both sides can easily collapse on us, and when that happens, our chances of winning would be significantly lower because we have no terrain nor positioning advantage.”

The others heard this and nodded. “But they are defending, plus the covers and traps, even if we split up the army like they did and go from both sides, it would be very hard for us to make progress advancing, right?”

Xu Cheng: “My plan is, Wei Yuan, you go to the left side by yourself.”

Wei Yuan: “WHAT?! You want me to feed? Bro, I don’t want to be the glorious sacrifice by myself, can you at least send a few more with me? Taking on 5 people by myself on one side? I really can’t do it man…”

Xu Cheng: “You don’t even trust me now?”

The others looked at each other, and Liao Shuhang elbowed Wei Yuan. “Let Old Xu finish.”

Xu Cheng waited for everyone to stop talking again before continuing, “It’s because I know you guys can’t take on either side in a 5v5, that’s why I planned for Wei Yuan to go to the left side.”

He pointed at the cross mark he drew and said, “Wei Yuan, you don’t have to be too aggressive. You just need to appear in this area. Remember, take cover right away after making an appearance because this left side has a sniper, and the others will focus on the right side. Follow my plan, the right side only has a defense formation of 5 people, if the 13 of you can’t take them down, then go home and play with mud instead.”

Old Zhang: “But what if we are focusing on sieging but the enemies circle behind us and collapse on us?”

Xu Cheng: “That’s why I told Wei Yuan to sit on the left side. It would already be time-consuming and dangerous for their left side to reinforce the right side. However, they will come over sooner or later after realizing there are 13 of you besieging the right side, including Hu Bing’s squad in the middle. That’s why Wei Yuan will try and buy enough time, and I will also stall the middle, while the thirteen of you annihilate the right side. Remember what I told you guys, following the path I drew will help you avoid a lot of the traps. Then, you three snipers, focus, you guys can’t expose yourselves at all. Let the people in front be responsible for providing you with target coordinates, and you just need to take care of them from the dark.”

The three snipers nodded. “Got it.”

Xu Cheng: “Everyone know what to do now?”

The fourteen of them nodded.

Xu Cheng: “Then let’s move. We need to complete this mission before the night falls. After the sun sets, you guys won’t be able to effectively follow the path I drew for you to dodge the traps and mines.”

Wei Yuan: “Wait, wait, after all this, what about you?”

Xu Cheng took out a sniper rifle from his bag and smiled. “I will take the enemy captain’s head.”

Liao Shuhang led 12 guys and went to the right side. He followed the map Xu Cheng drew and avoided many mines and traps.

The tactical analysts watching the surveillance were very shocked. “Head Instructor, look at the path they are taking, they are perfectly avoiding all the traps. These guys are really lucky.”

The head instructor squinted his eyes. “I don’t think it’s luck.”

When they leaned against several big trees to hide and counted down to the start of their operation, Old Zhang looked at the map. He couldn’t help but pick up a rock to throw at a spot that Xu Cheng drew a circle on. Originally, he just wanted to see just how accurate were Xu Cheng’s predictions, but the area that big rock landed immediately sank, revealing a bit pit.

The jaws of Old Zhang and the others all dropped. “Holy crap, there really is a trap!”

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