Chapter 175: Sly Little D:ck (Part one)

Xu Cheng picked up his sniper rifle and aimed directly at the patch of grass behind a tree in the middle. He knew Hu Bing was hiding there. He purposely focused fire on the right side to purposely put one enemy side in a difficult spot. Without an excellent solo ace like Hu Bing, even if the team on the left tries to head to the right side to provide reinforcement, it still wouldn’t be enough. So, if the right side defense was about to collapse, the mid lane would try and provide reinforcement for sure. As long as Hu Bing dared to lift up his head and move, Xu Cheng would for sure be able to land a headshot on the team captain. 

When the head instructor saw from the surveillance footage how the veteran team avoided all the traps, he felt things were about to get real interesting. “Looks like the rookies are going to hit a wall this time.”

Liao Shuhang and the others got ready, so he said to his mic, “Wei Yuan, are you there yet?”

On Wei Yuan’s side, he was creeping on the floor, crawling in the grass, doing flips here and there and finally getting into cover behind a big tree. He replied to the mic, “Don’t worry. At the count of three, I will go and attract fire. Pray for me that I won’t get shot by the first wave of bullets.”

Then, on a silent count to three, he suddenly charge out, immediately exposing himself inside the enemy sniper’s field of vision. But, he was running like his life depended on it, going too fast for the rookie sniper to react in time, so the sniper missed the shot.

“Enemy spotted!” The left side immediately notified the rest of the team.

All the ambushing rookies immediately became focused, including Hu Bing that was hiding. He also tensed up as he listened closely to the situations reported by both sides.

Then, the moment Wei Yuan appeared on the left side, Liao Shuhang who was responsible for the right side said to the others, “Old Xu said that there were about 5 people on this side, I remembered the pathing we should take, so I will lead the charge. Snipers, the areas marked by the two circles Old Xu drew has enemy snipers. Locate them as soon as possible and take them out!”

The three snipers nodded, and their expressions were very serious. They immediately got to cover and took aim at the general area the enemy snipers were located. 

Seeing them ready, Liao Shuhang said to the other 9 people, “Get ready, we are charging in.”

The others nodded, and then, everyone took in a deep breath. Liao Shuhang stuck out 5 fingers, and the fingers each went down one by one until he clenched to make a fist, he led the charge and charge out from their cover into the defense area from the right side. 

“Enemy spotted!” Another rookie sniper reported as he was about to take a shot at Liao Shuhang and the others that had charged into his field of vision. However, sniper rifles have high recoil and low shooting speed, so once the first shot misses the target, the enemies will immediately detect the direction of the sniper, making the subsequent shots even harder to hit.

When one of the two enemy snipers landed a shot on a veteran, Liao Shuhang quickly led his team to another piece of cover as he shouted, “Snipers, what the f*ck are you guys waiting for?”

Upon seeing that one of his teammates had been eliminated, he began complaining to the three snipers on his team. 

Those three snipers under cover immediately locked onto the enemy snipers’ location the moment they fired, and they immediately landed two headshots, immediately eliminating the two snipers on the rookie’s side.

“Done!” The three snipers let out a sigh of relief and reported to Liao Shuhang.

“3, 2, 1!” Liao Shuhang picked up his gun.

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