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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 175.2

Chapter 175: Sly Little D:ck (Part two)

Then, he led another charge deeper into enemy territory. The three rookies left on the right side hid in a fortress they constructed and began opening fire as they shouted into their mic, “They are breaking through the right side!”

Hu Bing: “How many people?”

“One down, there should still be 8 more! Wait, no, our two snipers got taken out, there should be more snipers covering them. There should be a dozen of them sieging our side! We need reinforcements!”

The soldiers on the left side said, “That’s impossible, we also spotted enemies on our side.”

Hu Bing: “You guys got tricked! It’s those old fritters’ tactic to distract us! Send 3 people over for reinforcement, we will send 4 brothers as well. Hold on!”

The other rookies: “Hu Bing, they should be all inside the defense area now, can you come and provide reinforcement too? If we attack them head on, we can win for sure! I’m pretty sure most of them came over on one side but I don’t know why they haven’t set off a single trap. We don’t have an advantage anymore, and if you don’t come, then us losing the right side is only a matter of time. After all, they have a numbers advantage, and besides, our snipers are all out now.”

They were right. If the veterans really focused on taking down the right side first, then they could head on against them. The rookies on the defense side weren’t afraid to go head on against the veterans, because once the attacking side ran low on bullets, it would be time for the rookies to stomp the veterans.

Hu Bing hesitated for a moment and replied in a deep voice, “Are you sure all of them are in?”

Comrade: “Pretty much. Including the one we took down, there were about 10 people that charged in on the right side. At the same time, two of our snipers were taken down right at the beginning, and that means there should be at least 4 snipers that could locate ours so fast. 10 plus 4, that’s 14, and Senior Wei Yuan is probably just a decoy on the left side.”

Hu Bing: “Okay, hold on, I’m coming!”

Then, he slowly looked up from his cover to make sure there were no enemies around. After making sure it was safe, he finally slowly climbed out from the pit. However, what he didn’t notice was that a sniper within the forest had already been targeting him.

Xu Cheng pulled the trigger with a satisfied smile on his face. Pa!

Hu Bing just felt the helmet on his head receiving a tough impact, and then the smoke signal on his helmet went off. Then, a voice sounded in the speaker, “Hu Bing, out!”

Hu Bing’s whole face was twisted. He fiercely threw the gun down onto the ground. “Holy fack! Who facking hit me? Come out and show your face!”

The head instructor yelled at Hu Bing angrily through the earpiece. “Hu Bing, stop throwing a tantrum, just accept the defeat. If you get emotional again, then you will face penalties.”

Hu Bing was just too angry. He had never been taken out this fast before, and this time was simply a humiliation for him! He was still expecting to teach Xu Cheng a lesson, yet he ended up being one of the first ones to get eliminated. How could he not be pissed?

Just when Hu Bing was still feeling unconvinced, Xu Cheng casually walked out from the jungle.

“It’s you?!” Hu Bing’s eyes stared wide open.

“It’s me that took you out. Without the backbone, the rookies are probably doomed. There’s a saying called, getting defeated so hard like a landslide,” Xu Cheng faintly said as he walked past Hu Bing. The latter quickly said to his mic, “Xu Cheng’s at mid!”

However, his communication device was already shut off since he was out.

Xu Cheng said as he walked further and further away from him, “Even if your mic’s working, you already sent your guys to the right side.”

On the right side, upon hearing the broadcast of Hu Bing being out, Wei Yuan, Liao Shuhang, and the others all screamed and shouted in joy as they were still engaging in heavy fire, “Hu Bing’s out already? Fack yeah! Old Xu, good job! Let me tell you, this madafaka Xu Cheng is a sly little d:ck, facking looks all innocent and sh:t but this guy’s got a huge appetite. He’s waiting there to chew the big fish, what a cheeky little [email protected]!”

In case anyone missed it, our release routine might become a bit inconsistent over the next 2 weeks, as our translator is going on a trip!

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  3. Honestly why add so many curses when you’re going to censore them anyway? Just let it how it’s supposed to be, and this chapters Title is: “Insidious and Cunning” or “Insidious Crafty”.

    Sly little dck? Are you gay? What is sly on a little dck? Is there even such a saying or slang at all? Probably not right?

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