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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 176.2

Chapter 176: Almost No Suspense (Part two)

Before he could even finish fantasizing about his bright future, he suddenly felt a cold touch on his neck. The recruit was immediately shocked, only to find out right after that Xu Cheng’s dagger had already drawn a line on his throat!

Then, Xu Cheng immediately jumped into a roll and drew a line across the other rookie’s throat before he could react.

“Li Neng, Mo Long, out!”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled at the two rookies. “Next time, remember to estimate the travel time between two points. I would only need 3 minutes to get to you guys straight from mid lane, but I took 10 minutes.”

The two rookies laid on the ground in embarrassment, and Xu Cheng already left, continuing his surprise attack from the enemy backline.

“You guys in the front, don’t bother holding on, just wait until the demon king comes from behind and reaps your lives. You guys might as well turn around and take care of him first.” Wei Yuan was using a big rock as cover and he shouted at the rookies that were sieging him. On the left flank, he still had 3 people pinning him down.

The three rookies responsible for defending the left flank also had their own plan. They knew that things would most likely not turn out well for them. Since the moment Hu Bing got eliminated, the best chance they could have was to group at mid and fight it out. But now, Xu Cheng was dominating the mid lane and had already taken 3 down, so it was already too late for them to head to mid to provide reinforcements. On the right side, they only had 7 guys and it would be impossible for them to hold out against 12 veterans. Losing would only come sooner or later, and instead of getting tortured to death, the three of them thought they might as well surround Wei Yuan right now and take him out at the very least.

This idea was unanimously agreed upon by all three of them. Therefore, they decided to abandon their defense formation and go for it. Knowing that there was no one else backing Wei Yuan up, they all began moving forward to hunt him down.

Wei Yuan just felt the rock that he was hiding behind was getting bombarded by empty shells, and he immediately knew that the enemies were determined to eat him first. Right now, he wouldn’t even be able to run out without getting hit by all the empty shells. When those three slowly got closer, he smiled bitterly as he still didn’t forget to joke around in their team voice chat. “Old Xu, I hate you. You said you weren’t going to make me cannon folder, but they have me all surrounded now and you guys still aren’t coming?”

Xu Cheng didn’t respond, because he was already behind those three rookies. He didn’t have a gun on him, only a dagger, like an assassin. The three rookies were all too focused on moving towards the rock Wei Yuan was hiding behind, and Xu Cheng also slowly moved towards them.

With his back against the rock, Wei Yuan panted. He knew that reinforcements would probably not come in time, so was he going to be a real man for the moment or a coward for the rest of his life?

He could hear those three’s footsteps getting closer and closer. Gritting his teeth, he muttered to himself, “Fack, let’s do this, at least one for one!”

He suddenly jumped into a roll from the rock and just when he was about to open fire on the rookies, he shockingly found that the three rookies had already been eliminated by Xu Cheng. Their necks all had a red mark left by Xu Cheng’s dagger. 

“Zhang Kai, Li Weishun, Yang Congxia, out!”

Wei Yuan bitterly laughed as he lay on the ground, “I did such a handsome roll, yet you couldn’t save even one kill for me?”

Xu Cheng laughed, “Do cannon fodder have human rights?” Then, he immediately went for the right flank. Wei Yuan shouted from behind him, “You a$$, please wait, let me kiss it!”

As the head instructor watched this, he asked the analysts, “What’s the headcount on both sides right now?”

“7 rookies left, 14 veterans left.”

The head instructor shook his head and said, “It’s over. Strictly speaking, it was already over when Hu Bing was eliminated. An ace shouldn’t take this much of a risk, and he failed.”

Analyst: “But the 7 rookies are still holding on.”

Head Instructor: “It’s useless. With Xu Cheng here, the two teams just aren’t on the same level. It’s done, let everyone withdraw and aim to get back before it gets dark.”

Then, he got up and left the command center. But, the corner of his mouth lifted into a smile, because Xu Cheng’s power didn’t seem to have been affected by the past at all, and this was the best news.

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  1. Questionable alteration:

    Xu Cheng laughed, “Do cannon fodder have human rights?” Then, he immediately went for the right flank. Wei Yuan shouted from behind him, “You a$$, please wait, let me kiss it!”

    Original MTLD sentence:

    Xu Cheng laughed and said, “Is there any human rights to cannon fodder?” Then he stood up and killed him on the right. Wei Yuan shouted, “Thighs, please wait. I want to hug.”

    (This whole changing huging Thighs to kissing a-s is not only quite stupid but also pretty gay, it doesn’t make sense… everyone that read atleast one chinese novel would know what it means to hug someones Thigh and even if they don’t, if you change it they will not learn what it means, please stay closer to the original.)

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