Chapter 178: I Do! (Part one)

Xu Cheng still didn’t want to do the reality show. He said, “Big Bro, you know I came back this time for the competition, why are you telling me to do some TV show? Those celebrities are all spoiled, I don’t want to have to take care of them.”

The head instructor’s face was bitter. “It’s still a month until the competition, and although I can’t make you the tactical core of the team, I can still guarantee you a spot. But now, you saw as well, Hu Bing clearly can’t get along with you. In this kind of situation, there are usually two options: you either beat him into submitting or vice versa. Ultimately someone has to compromise. However, this guy’s background isn’t simple. Since the beginning, we constructed a game plan centering around him. To be frank, it’s to give him a platform that functions like a springboard, and that’s the intention of those behind him. They don’t need us to do anything else, as long as he behaves in the military camp, it won’t be too much trouble for us too. That’s why I hesitated a bit when I heard that you were coming back.”

Xu Cheng came to the sudden realization.

“So, the participants list was already drafted a long time ago?”
The head instructor nodded and sighed, “I won’t keep this behind you since we are pretty tight, and I know you really want another chance to join that division, but the most I can do is to get you a spot, and Hu Bing has to be the captain. This guy has a strong background and he wants to prove himself, so his family already came to greet us to make a game plan that centers around him for this year’s competition. Even if you came back, he will still be the captain.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “I understand, that’s fine, I can accept this. I’m fine if they just let me train with them.”

“But you saw as well, this brat really doesn’t like you and he would rather train with just 14 people instead of including you. A country can’t have two kings, so your situation is a bit awkward. Also I forcefully put you onto the list, and Hu Bing wants to marginalize you. I think you have to be prepared.”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. “Do you have a cig?”

The head instructor took out a pack from his drawer and tossed it at him. Xu Cheng took one out and lit it. After awhile, he took a breath and said, “Big Bro, do you know that this time, to participate in this competition, I already declined invitations from 2 military regions?”

The head instructor paused for a moment. He did indeed know that the 8th MR came over and tried to headhunt Xu Cheng, but there was one more?

“The head instructor from the 8th MR did indeed come before, who’s the other one?”

“The 13th MR,” replied Xu Cheng.

The head instructor’s eyes stared wide open. “Why didn’t you accept? The 13th MR was in the top 3 last year! You could’ve had the best chance at winning the competition this year, are you stupid?!”

Xu Cheng: “I would be stupid if I went. I grew up in the 5th MR, and if I won for another MR when I’m at my prime, wouldn’t that be ironic?”

The head instructor didn’t know what to say. He bitterly laughed. “What’s more ironic is that the 5th MR can’t even give you a promise right now, right? Brother, I wish I could do more, but you know our country places heavy emphasis on networks and backgrounds. Sigh, if Hu Bing was not here, the 5th MR would for sure construct a game plan centered around you for your return, that’s undoubted, but…”

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