Chapter 181: XU CHENG AGAIN?! (Part one)

Xu Cheng hid in a hole in the ground covered by a wooden board, which was then covered by soil and grass. This was to make sure that even if someone were to step on the hole, they wouldn’t notice something was off because you know, they wouldn’t fall into the hole with a Xu Cheng inside. 

A hundred meters away, Hu Bing’s crew appeared, prompting Xu Cheng to say into his mic, “They are here, all 15 of them. Just as planned, they are charging straight for the mid lane.”

Wei Yuan: “Then wouldn’t Hu Bing’s flaw be too obvious? Is this the rhythm of leading a team into getting aced? I really don’t want to hurt their feelings this badly, and at least get to show off some of my skills… It’s really not fun if they just group themselves mid for us to collapse on.”

Xu Cheng: “You are overthinking it. Hu Bing’s not that stupid.” 

Liao Shuhang: “Old Xu, if you were Hu Bing and you wanted to go mid, what would you do?”

Xu Cheng: “I will have snipers cover from behind. It will make it easier to retreat if our front line gets into trouble. Other than our snipers, our guns all have shorter range, so we won’t be able to effectively fight back against them.”

Wei Yuan: “If that’s the case, then what are we doing ambushing?”

Xu Cheng: “That’s why I’m missing from the formation. Later on, just focus on collapsing onto the mid lane. I will be in their back garden. I’m out, they are here. Everyone, keep your eyes on mid, move right after someone steps on a mine.”

After speaking, Xu Cheng just quietly hid in his hole. He heard people walking past him, and their steps were all pretty slow. Hu Bing and the others began slowly crawling towards the fortress under the snipers’ cover.

Hu Bing made a gesture, and five agile soldiers began moving towards the fortress. The snipers were on the ground, and their green camouflage suits blended really well with the grass, and it would be hard to spot them if they didn’t take a careful look,

Five snipers took aim at all the entrances of the fortress and any highground that could have snipers. After the preparations were done, they reported to Hu Bing through the mic. 

Hu Bing gestured for the five soldiers in the front to go in and check out the situation. They cautiously crept by the trees and sand walls as cover and then charged into the fortress. After checking out the rooms, they looked back in puzzlement and said to Hu Bing through the mic, “No one’s here.”

Hu Bing was a bit shocked. Then, he snorted, “They guessed that we were going to charge head on, so they want to flank us from the sides?”

“Hu Bing, do you think they would give up the middle and choose to defend the sides?”

Hu Bing: “That would be stupid. If they chose the two sides, the middle would be the one that can collapse on either side, and we can easily surround them from the middle and sides. Besides, if they are guarding from the sides, there wouldn’t be enough mines and trap resources to cover both sides. It would be easier to just guard the middle.”

Zhang Kai: “Then that’s a bit odd. The thing is, there’s no one here and they clearly gave it up. What should we do now?”

Hu Bing: “Four of you, split into pairs and go scout the two sides. The moment we find them, we will attack them from the middle.”

Looking at the footage in the surveillance, the head instructor frowned. “As long as Hu Bing doesn’t advance any more, it will be hard for Xu Cheng’s ambush to work. Looks like his plan still needs some luck.”

But the tactician said, “Not at all, Sir, look at this.”

The tactician pulled up a diagram he created, and the head instructor asked, “What’s this?”

“The mines that Xu Cheng laid, it’s a hollow mushroom formation. The root is the entrance, and that means, Hu Bing led his crew straight into the heart of the mushroom. Now, unless they retreat from the way they came from, they are completely surrounded by mines and traps. At this moment, if someone were to open fire, Hu Bing and his crew would be like startled birds. At this moment, there will be at least a couple of people that will get eliminated by traps and mines. By then, it will be even easier for Xu Cheng to harvest the rest.”

The head instructor narrowed his eyes and looked at the screen, and sure enough, the veterans suddenly began firing from both sides.

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