Chapter 182: In the 5th Military Region, It’s Still Not a Rookie’s Turn Yet to Throw a Tantrum (Part one)


Thinking back to how they were lured and then immediately ambushed by Xu Cheng, who later baited them into stepping on mines, they truly felt like they were walked by Xu Cheng like dogs!

It was some next-level shame!

For the past few days, Hu Bing had been having trouble swallowing his anger, and plus what had just happened, there was really a kind of explosive force inside him that could not go away until vented. For the past 2 days, he didn’t even get to showcase what he was capable of and was already kicked out!

Moreover, for both times, he was eliminated by Xu Cheng’s hands, and both times, they were headshots! 

That kind of feeling of wanting to prove oneself while the referee said the battle was already over really made him want to cough up blood!

It was unbearable, and he could no longer live with such shame!

Hu Bing angrily roared with bloodshot eyes, and he turned around and charged towards Xu Cheng. 

“Old Xu, watch out!” Wei Yuan and the others shouted, all knowing that Hu Bing would rage out of embarrassment and went to vent on Xu Cheng.

The several tacticians and analysts saw the surveillance of Hu Bing charging towards Xu Cheng and they all jumped up in shock. “Head Instructor, this brat’s throwing a tantrum!”

Head Instructor: “Just let them fight. If he could get some sense beaten into him, it will be good for his future too. He needs to learn that in the army, the one with tougher fists can talk louder.”

Tactician: “I’m scared of him injuring Xu Cheng. For the past 2 days, Xu Cheng’s strategies had been on point, and I think letting him join the competition team is a very good choice, as his experience could make up for the lack of experience of the skilled rookies. After all, it’s always safer to have an experienced veteran on the team.”

Head Instructor: “No, I feel that Xu Cheng came back because he became stronger. I know him. Back then, his capabilities were significantly worsened by the genetic fluid injected but he was still stronger than a lot of people in the military, so I tried to convince him to stay. But, he’s the type that’s really strict with himself. If he didn’t become stronger, he wouldn’t have come back.”

In the screen, before Hu Bing could get to Xu Cheng, he was already pulled back by his teammates that were already out. 

“Hu Bing, what are you doing?”

Although they lost, they were convinced by their defeat. They weren’t the type that would just stand back and watch someone be unreasonable. A defeat was acceptable, but they must not lose character too.

“Let me go!” Hu Bing was really annoyed. After pushing away his team, he glared at them. “You guys purposely lost, right? You all think I’m not pleasing to your eyes, right?”

“Are you done? We listened to your orders the entire time, how did we purposely lose? This is a training match! If we purposely lose and get kicked off of the team, who are we going to cry to? Who doesn’t want to go to the competition to prove our worth? But we lost, and that’s that. We lost to them, but we can learn from it. This isn’t the competition. It’s best to see reality right now, or it will be too late when we actually get eliminated at the competition, do you understand?”

After the past few days, Hu Bing’s teammate really couldn’t take it anymore and scolded him. 

After Hu Bing heard these words, he calmed down a bit. Then, he walked towards Xu Cheng. His teammate tried to grab him back, but he shook him off.

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