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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 182.2

Chapter 182: In the 5th Military Region, It’s Still Not a Rookie’s Turn Yet to Throw a Tantrum (Part two)

He walked to Xu Cheng, looked into his eyes, and said, “Once you are facing 15 real elites, all of your tactics or camouflage would be crushed in the face of absolute power. Later on, when 36 armies are engaged in a chaotic battle, your little fortress won’t be able to survive in a free-for-all. By that time, the team will rely on individual aces to break through sieges. Do you understand?”

“I know,” Xu Cheng said indifferently, “I participated in three of those already, so I don’t need you to tell me what to do.”

Hu Bing began taking off his bulletproof vest and gloves as he said, “We lost, I accept it. But Xu Cheng, if you want to join our team with my permission, you only have one way, and that is to fight me once. Like I said, without personal strength, no matter how good you are at calculating and laying formations, it won’t help the team out much in a free-for-all. You will only be recognized if you have the combat capabilities yourself!”

Then, he backed up to about 5 meters in distance as he said to Xu Cheng, “Come, I know you are not as strong as before anymore, but here on my team, if you don’t have the skills, then you can’t join. There’s no way around it.”

“Hu Bing, don’t be so arrogant just because you can fight,” Wei Yuan scolded.

“You are wrong, Senior Wei Yuan. In the military, the strong are respected!” Hu Bing looked around and said, “I know you guys are not convinced by me because you are still blindly worshipping the Three Swordsmen, but today, I’m here to tell you that they are a thing of the past. Militaries don’t keep garbage around. If you want other people to be convinced, you need to show them what you are capable of!”

Xu Cheng pulled down his zipper and took off his bulletproof vest. With a tank top, he walked over. Since Hu Bing already said those words, if he still didn’t accept the challenge, then his temperament of an iron-blood soldier would basically have been fed to dogs. 

“Old Xu!” Liao Shuhang was a bit worried. He heard Xu Cheng’s combat capabilities dropped drastically and that was why he left the military camp initially, so he was worried that Xu Cheng would get injured.

Hu Bing started learning martial arts since his youth, and when he was young, he was quite rebellious and often dwelled in underground boxing rings. Later on, he wanted to go to the military to achieve something big, so his family let him join the 5th Military Region. But, he was indeed talented in the combat area, or his family wouldn’t have allowed him to join the military instead of going into politics like the rest of the family.

If the higherup wanted to intervene, they would’ve broadcasted their warning already, but there was nothing, which meant that the fight between him and Hu Bing was inevitable. If that was the case, then he wasn’t going to back out. He stretched his wrists and walked towards Hu Bing, locking eyes.

Those rookies that were out all crawled up and walked over to spectate.

Hu Bing suddenly hurled a fist at Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng didn’t bother dodging at all as he just fiercely slapped back at it with his palm.

With a loud bang, the veins in Hu Bing’s entire arm popped out, and he almost dislocated his shoulder!

Such strength!

Hu Bing took a few steps back and looked up at Xu Cheng in shock.

Xu Cheng was all relaxed and calm as he lifted his chin and said, “Come on, aren’t you very angry with me? Show me your skills. Do you know how many years I’ve been here for? Today, I will also tell you, in the 5th Military Region, it’s still not a rookie’s turn yet to throw a tantrum!”

Hu Bing was furious. He immediately raised his leg, and as the roundhouse kick swept above the grass, the wind carried the grass forward as well. The power of his kick was evident, and being able to summon such explosive strength from a roundhouse kick on the spot showed that Hu Bing’s power could not be undermined.

However, when it came to power, he seemed to have picked on the wrong guy. Xu Cheng’s unknown body potential could already allow him to summon explosive strength 10 to 25 times greater than that. If an ordinary fighter’s kick could swing for about 150 pounds of force, then one could see how terrifying Xu Cheng’s 25x of explosive strength was.

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