Chapter 183: Your Daddy is Still Your Daddy (Part one)

Hu Bing’s kick made everyone watching the battle feel oppressed, but who knew Xu Cheng would just slap Hu Bing’s ankle with his palm. He added a little more power into the slap and resolved this kick.

Xu Cheng then grabbed onto Hu Bing’s ankle as he dashed forward, bumping his shoulders in between Hu Bing’s legs. He directly lift Hu Bing up and sent him flying over the grass field!

KOed in two moves.

Everyone spectating felt their hearts pumping hard. 

They all thought the kick would put Xu Cheng in a very passive position, but the very opposite happened. It was the one provoking that got thrown out and hit the floor. Although, Hu Bing did immediately climb back up as he grimaced in pain and prepared the next wave of attacks.

“Hu Bing’s strength is actually pretty strong. Comprehensively speaking, it could be ranked at the B+ level, only a few steps away to enter the world’s top A-class. Head Instructor, didn’t Xu Cheng decline from A to D+ last year? How come it looks like he’s having a really easy time against a B+ Hu Bing?” The tactical analyst turned to ask.

The head instructor smiled. “Maybe that’s why he came back.”

At the scene, Hu Bing tightened his fist to the point of making crackling sounds. With a sudden battlecry, he hurled his left and right fists towards the back of Xu Cheng’s ears. This was a fatal strike. Generally, a punch in the ear could temporarily deprive the opponent of hearing and make them lose their judgement abilities, and if there was enough force hitting the temple, it could cause an increase in the blood coming into the brain, leading to death due to vein blockage!

This was a brutal move!

Hu Bing often used this technique to deliver a fatal blow to his opponents in the underground boxing ring. Moreover, if someone tried to raise their hands to block, the force would still carry forward to cause the hand that one was using to block to hit their own face. So, against a strike like this, one must either dodge it or block. But with hands protecting the head, the lower part of your chest and body would be completely vulnerable. If the attacker has fast enough reactions, he could immediately switch targets and attack anywhere else. 

Xu Cheng obviously didn’t intend to protect his head. He directly reached out to grab Hu Bing’s hands in mid-air before they arrived, and with a sudden pull, Hu Bing was dragged over by a force as he lost balance. Immediately, he felt his chest hitting against Xu Cheng’s back as he was thrown over the shoulder again to land on the grass. 

KOed again!

Hu Bing’s mouth was covered with mud and grass, and furious, he shot himself up from the ground and flew towards Xu Cheng with his knee bent like a cannonball. He focused all of his power on his knee. It was a classic Muay Thai technique, and if it were to land on Xu Cheng’s chest, his internal organs would bleed heavily even if he could escape death.

As Hu Bing was charging over towards Xu CHeng’s chest, in that split second, Xu Cheng didn’t defend at all but suddenly raised his legs and did a front kick!

Before Hu Bing’s knee could even reach Xu Cheng’s chest, his chin was already kicked by Xu Cheng’s feet. Then, Hu Bing flipped 270 degrees as he landed on the ground, with his face in the dirt again.

KOed again!

Hu Bing’s eyes were already bloodshot as he bled from the corner of his mouth. Xu Cheng’s kick landed right on his chin and loosened a few of his teeth. His gums were already bleeding, and plus the three falls previously, he felt great pain in his bones as well as an unprecedented amount of humiliation.

He hadn’t even been humiliated this much in the underground boxing ring. Not only were a few of his killing moves dispelled, but he was also beaten without any means of fighting back!

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