Chapter 185: [email protected] Your Face! (Part one)

Xu Cheng stretched his neck and muscles and warmed up as he waited for the head instructor to come down. The latter also took off his coat. Although he was close to 40, the muscle lines on his body were still distinct.

“Ever since I sailed smoothly after joining the police bureau and even became respected by the director, I knew something was up,” Xu Cheng said. 

The head instructor rotated his wrists and feet and said, “If you already accepted someone’s favor to you, why still come back? You could’ve just stayed there and accomplished a lot, why would you abandon all that?”

Xu Cheng grinned. “That was arranged by other people, and I already owe a family enough favors to repay for the rest of my life, and I don’t want to take on more. Come on, tell me after I beat you.”

The head instructor laughed and said, “I heard Hu Bing didn’t even land a single hit on you? I really want to give it a try now.”

Xu Cheng grinned. “Didn’t you see from the surveillance? Why ask if you know the answer.”

Head Instructor: “Do you still remember when you first talked back to me after joining the army? Remember how I taught you a lesson? Don’t tell me you forgot about the pain after your scar healed, you little brat.”

Xu Cheng: “Why talk so much and not attack me? Did you get scared?”

The head instructor indeed was trying to chit chat instead of attacking because he was still probing Xu Cheng in an attempt to find a weakness. Hearing Xu Cheng mocking him this directly, he immediately glared at him, “Now isn’t the same as before, and I will only be commiting suicide if I recklessly attack you first. The present you is strong enough to make me cautious.”
“Oh, really?” Xu Cheng laughed, “Does that also have something to do with aging?”

“Watch out!” Just as Xu Cheng was talking, the head instructor felt that he caught a perfect opportunity. He suddenly struck, and his claw-like hands quickly grabbed onto Xu Cheng’s arms as his left leg stepped on Xu Cheng’s right leg.

It was a classic apprehension technique, with a grasp on the arm and a firm root on the feet, a sudden grab could cause the opponent’s center of gravity to fall forward. Then, with his back against the opponent’s chest, one could use the momentum to quickly perform a throw over the shoulder.

The head instructor’s hand and feet were locked onto Xu Cheng’s arm and feet, and as he began to summon force, like the usual textbook demonstration, Xu Cheng’s body would be pulled forward. But, when the head instructor had already pushed his back against Xu Cheng’s chest and was about to perform the clean throw, he shockingly realized that Xu Cheng felt like a wall, and he couldn’t lift him up at all.

The head instructor gritted his teeth as he tried to summon explosive strength again to try and throw Xu Cheng, but Xu Cheng just stood there, unmoving.

Now… that was a bit awkward. 

Xu Cheng’s one arm had just been grabbed onto by the head instructor, and when he saw the head instructor couldn’t flip him over the shoulder, he simply bent his arm and wrapped it around the head instructor’s neck. Then, he kneed the back of the head instructor’s knees. The head instructor’s legs softened right away and he knelt down. Then, Xu Cheng’s other arm grabbed onto the head instructor’s arm and put it behind his head, instantly subduing the head instructor.

“Big Brother, your legs are a bit soft, have you been skipping leg day?” 

The head instructor swore right away, “You [email protected]@rd!”

Immediately after, he kicked his feet backward as a surprise attack, and Xu Cheng casually let go of him and dodged the kick.

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