Chapter 187: Offending the Whole World (Part one)

Due to the limited budget of the show, they couldn’t provide accommodations outside of the military region as well as the pick-up and drop-off service, so the entire crew, including the celebrities, all moved into a two-story dormitory that was temporarily cleaned up and made available for them.

All the males would live on the first floor, and the females would live on the second floor. The beds were all the iron-framed bunks standard in the army.

After Xu Cheng got them moved in, he led Lin Chuxue and the other three females to the second floor to a room on the far left that had the view of the entire practice field of the military region.

The crew didn’t start filming when the other people moved in, but when the celebrities moved in, the cameras began rolling, documenting everything from the very beginning of the move in.

“After joining the army, no one is different from others. Here, you should always be prepared to contribute to the nation instead of being on vacation. I don’t know if you all can adapt to the conditions here. If you can’t, just let the production crew know in advance. I will be very strict when the training begins.”

Liu Ziqi and the other actresses playfully stuck out their tongues.

Lin Chuxue smiled at Xu Cheng and asked, “How strict?”

That look was very subtle, as if she was saying to Xu Cheng: if you dare to be strict with me, you can kneel on a durian when you go home.

The sudden question made Xu Cheng become a bit awkward, not knowing how to respond. The cameras were also on Xu Cheng, and they even added the “shy” after-effect onto his face. Xu Cheng would for sure cough up blood if he were to see this episode when it airs, as it completely ruined his “true man” image.

“You will find out when the training begins tomorrow,” Xu Cheng smiled and replied.

Lin Chuxue was already prepared to endure the hardship coming into the military. This time, she really just wanted to experience life in the barracks with Xu Cheng. She wanted to get to understand the other side of Xu Cheng, and she wanted to know how his days were in the military over the last few years.

Immediately, she raised her brows and said, “Bring it on.”

Downstairs, Guo Hao pretended to go to the bathroom, and when his agent followed him to a corner, he immediately asked him, “You said Lin Chuxue rarely interacts with guys, and she doesn’t even have any male friends, but how come it feels like she knows that Instructor Xu from a long time ago?”

The agent frowned. “Then you are probably overthinking this. She indeed had very few scandals in the past, and even the employees at her company says she rarely interacts with guys in her company.”
Guo Hao nodded, and then he looked in Yan Xian’s direction. “This guy’s clearly here for Lin Chuxue as well.”

The agent immediately said, “Hao, don’t try to go against him head on. Right now, you are still at the starting stage, and his popularity and resources are a lot more dense than you. Don’t let the media catch wind of how you guys aren’t getting along, it won’t be good for you. This is also what our company’s management is advising.”

Guo Hao: “I know. When the training starts, I will see how well a 30-something-year-old guy can perform.”
Yan Xian waited outside of the dormitory for his agent to drive the RV in. Then, he loudly announced to the entire crew, “I brought some food, come and let’s eat together if you haven’t had lunch already.”

Seeing how generous he was, the production crew all came out to the RV. Then, Yan Xian carried a few bento boxes with him and went up to Lin Chuxue and the others’ room. “Are you guys hungry? Here, I brought some for you all.”

Then, he handed the food to the three female celebrities. When Lin Chuxue took the food, she said thanks.

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