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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 188.1

Chapter 188: He’s the Best Candidate to Take Over My Role (Part one)

To avoid the awkward atmosphere, Yan Xian stayed back in the dorm and began eating the bento box with the crew. Then, he walked out into the hallway, and his agent followed him out. Feeling that he might be angry, he wanted to come over to comfort him, but who knew Yan Xian would instinctively say, “Can we change the instructor?”

The agent frowned. “What are you doing? This is the military, we can’t act spoiled. You can offend businesses, but you can’t offend the military and the officials. That Instructor Xu isn’t just an ordinary soldier, he’s a celebrity-level character in the 5th Military Region. Replacing him would obviously offend him.”

A hint of anger flashed past Yan Xian’s face. “But didn’t you hear what he just said to me? He’s showing no respect for me!”

The agent sighed. “The military has its own rules. Since we are here, we need to follow them. Don’t you know, even if the commander were to inspect this place, he would be dining at the military cafeteria as well? You want to make exceptions for yourself, aren’t you worried that people will badmouth you for it? Instructor Xu didn’t really say anything too out of line anyways, he was just reminding you, and you were too sensitive. That Lin Chuxue always avoids males that try to please her, right? Just take it slowly.”

Yan Xian finally sighed, and then he nodded and said, “I heard there are barely any lines I have to remember, and most of the show will be a natural recording of what goes on. Does that mean they will just let the instructors torture us?”

The agent was speechless. “I told you about this long before we signed the deal, right? Because many of the so-called reality shows in the entertainment circle are a bit fake, this show asks for the live recording to be as real as possible, and they are so strict that they won’t even let you apply makeup. They want to film the natural side of the celebrities, and although it’s a bit tough, many celebrities can endure through this and show their fans a true side to them. I told you to carefully consider this through in the very beginning, and it was you that still wanted to come. Do you want to quit now? Don’t forget, there’s still Guo Hao, and as a junior, he’s going to make fun of you for it.”

Yan Xian shook his head. “I’m not quitting, just asking.” 

Agent: “Then try to bear it if you can. Didn’t you see? Even the general director of the program was very respectful to the supervisor here. Don’t act spoiled, the military has the State Administration of Radio, Film, & Television behind them that can easily ban any celebrity. Don’t leave behind a bad reputation because of your bad temper.”

– In the cafeteria – 

Xu Cheng was enjoying the meal when he noticed that Lin Chuxue was holding her chopsticks but not moving them. He curiously asked her, “Is the food not good?”

Lin Chuxue shook her head.

Xu Cheng just then turned around, only to find out that over hundreds of the people in the cafeteria had stopped eating and were just watching Lin Chuxue. With over hundreds of people just watching her, no matter how thick Lin Chuxue’s skin was, she still wouldn’t feel comfortable eating. 

Xu Cheng glared at everyone that was spectating their meal and said, “Who can tell me, within how much time are you required to finish your meals”
“10… 10 minutes,” the rookie standing closest to them stuttered as he gave his answer.

“Then how long have you guys been watching? Are you still eating or not? Now, everyone, finish eating within 2 minutes, and then resume training in the back field!”

Immediately, the hundreds of soldiers began shoving food into their mouths, and they shoved as they continued to watch Lin Chuxue. 

Xu Cheng took a look at his watch, and when 2 minutes were up, he shouted, “Time’s up, everyone, go assemble!”

With loud rumbling noises, teams after teams of soldiers formed in lines as they orderly ran out of the cafeteria. On the way past Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue, some rookies even opened their mouth and smiled at Lin Chuxue as they said, “Princess Snow, I’m a big fan!”

Xu Cheng immediately shouted at those rookies, “You two, stay behind to help wash the dishes.”

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  1. “That Lin Chuxue always avoids males that try to please her, right?” Yes, she does because she knows that they have ulterior motives. Motives usually involving them trying to make her their pet wife.

    This wankjob is going to be annoying, i figure. Hopefully he gets dealt with quickly.

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