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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 189.1

Chapter 189: Shameless (Part one)

Xu Cheng walked out to the scorching hot field, and there were already over hundreds of soldiers assembling there. He walked up and addressed the crowd, “Everyone probably knows about the “True Men” reality show crew coming here to shoot their next season. Here, I want to remind everyone to not hinder or affect the crew members and celebrities when unnecessary.”

The few rookies in the front row grinned and said, “Captain, you also know that we barely see any women in the military. Suddenly when celebrities come, especially 3 beautiful women of different styles, everyone’s a bit overly excited.”

Xu Cheng shouted, “Auntie Cai from the kitchen isn’t a woman? How come I don’t see you guys getting excited in front of her?”

Those soldiers immediately became impotent. 

Xu Cheng went up to the soldier closest to him that talked, and he suddenly lightly kicked the soldiers calf. As a result, the soldier’s leg softened as he almost knelt down. Xu Cheng said in disdain, “Control your left and right hands during normal days, your willpower determines the upper limit of your future. One by one, you all look like soft shrimps, no wonder so few elites appear from the 5th Military Region. You guys are supposed to be the future of the special ops division, but take a look at you guys!”

Those soldiers were all silent, and they looked straight ahead and stood straight.

Xu Cheng had the right to scold them, because whether it was qualifications, contributions, or skills, he was qualified to despise anyone present!

“There can be filming at anytime over the next few days, and if someone dares to slack off, gets recorded, and makes it into the episodes of the final show, watch how I will teach him a lesson!” Xu Cheng then said in a deep voice, “That’s all. Dismissed!” 

Then, Xu Cheng went back into the cafeteria.

Inside the cafeteria, the head instructor was laughing and looking at Lin Chuxue. “There are at least 5 thousand soldiers in the special ops division, why are you only asking about Xu Cheng?” 

Lin Chuxue slightly blushed and she instinctively replied, “I just know him, who else am I going to ask about if not him?”

The head instructor laughed and said, “If you are interested in him, then you are going to have a hard time.”

Lin Chuxue: “Why’s that?”

Head Instructor: “For all these years I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him getting in a relationship. To be honest, I’m even suspecting he’s secretly gay or something. Let me tell you, his fast shooting skills are clearly the result of being single for over 20 years. Ahem ahem, sorry, I go offroad the moment I stop watching my language.” 

The head instructor was about to say something even more perverted before realizing that it was Lin Chuxue in front of him, and he stepped on the brakes right away. 

Lin Chuxue was still quite innocent, and she didn’t get the reference right away.

“Anyways, this kind of indifference to women is something that’s most terrifying for women that like him.” The head instructor also didn’t forget to compliment Xu Cheng. “But then again, Xu Cheng’s a pretty good guy, and he’s super reliable. If you can land him as your boyfriend, man, let me tell you, that feeling of security is off the charts! This guy has a super strong sense of responsibility and justice. He always has a way, and he’s always able to turn the situation around when he’s in a pickle.”

Lin Chuxue batted her eyes as she looked at him. The beginning sounded normal, but why does the latter part of the speech sound kind of like he was selling Xu Cheng? She couldn’t help but interrupt, “Instructor Yan, are you also a part-time matchmaker?”

The head instructor awkwardly coughed and then laughed, “My bad. In fact, I’m just really anxious and worried for the guy. He’s such a big boy now, but he hasn’t had a girlfriend yet. I’m worried that he might have some mental illness or some sort. After all, there aren’t many excellent soldiers raised by me, and he’s basically my treasured baby.”

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  1. What a good guy~ but rather than matchmaking it kinda sounds like he is trying to sell some tool… xD

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