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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 189.2

Chapter 189: Shameless (Part two)

Xu Cheng walked up and interrupted with a little temper, “Don’t mind him, he also sells me out to every beautiful woman he sees. It’s a habit for him now.”

General Instructor Yan immediately stood up with his tray and went to get more food.

“Maybe because I’m an orphan, Big Brother Yan’s pretty good to me, and he’s even worried about who I’m going to marry and when I’m going to start a family. I know he has good intentions,” Xu Cheng looked at the head instructor’s back image and said with a smile.

Li Chuxue looked up at Xu Cheng and asked with a smile, “Then did your heart ever skip a beat in front of a woman he introduced to you?”

Xu Cheng sat down, looked into her eyes, and said, “Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?”

Lin Chuxue: “Truth.”

Xu Cheng: “I have.”

Lin Chuxue frowned, her teeth slightly bit down on her lip.

However, she saw Xu Cheng suddenly smile and say, “If this time counts, then my heart did skip a beat.”
Lin Chuxue’s eyebrows slightly curved into a smile, and she lightly snorted, “But I still need to think about it.”

Xu Cheng: “It’s fine, take your time. I will make any man that tries to court you feel inadequate.”

Lin Chuxue chuckled. “That confident?”

Xu Cheng nodded in seriousness.

“As your wife, I have to tell you that I think Yan Xian and Guo Hao joined this show because of me,” Lin Chuxue said.

Xu Cheng nodded. “As your husband, I have the obligation to clear out people that hinder our relationship.”

Lin Chuxue held her cheeks with her hands, looked at Xu Cheng, and pretended to be annoyed. “Then what will you do? There are also a lot of people in Britain.”

Xu Cheng: “Clear!”

Lin Chuxue: “You really don’t draft a rough copy before you boast.”

But, she was still very happy to see the confident Xu Cheng not running away from the troubles. Although what he said was still a bit unrealistic for now, she was still very happy that her husband was able to face these issues and openly accept these responsibilities.

Xu Cheng wasn’t upset with Lin Chuxue not believing him. Time would prove what he was capable of, and one day, he would bring Lin Chuxue back to Britain and say to those that were still eyeing Chuxue as a target, “This is my woman, I’ve already married her! That’s right, I’m that poor little boy that was once fostered by her parents.”

Just wait, the endurance right now was for an explosion in the future.

Xu Cheng smiled and said to Lin Chuxue, “I already said those boastful words, I don’t plan on taking it back. I want to live by it for the rest of my life.”

Just then, the head instructor came back with another full tray and began eating. He continued his nag with Lin Chuxue, “Girl, I know you have good assets and might not see Xu Cheng as a potential mate, but if you have a good female friend, that works too! Introduce one to him, come on. Didn’t you ask why those rookies were more afraid of him than me? Let me tell you the truth, I’m married now, and I’m a straight guy, but this guy’s already twenty something, not to mention having a girlfriend, this guy doesn’t even have any p--n in his room, aside from the framed photo of him and his two buddies. Many people in the army are scared that he is gay and are afraid that he would knock on their doors in the middle of the night. Can you help him out? Just introduce a few girls to him so at least he could get some experience.”

The Xu and Lin couple was speechless.

Xu Cheng was angry. “No one’s gonna think that you are a mute if you don’t talk!”

Lin Chuxue giggled as she looked at Xu Cheng and asked an odd question, “Oh right, I’m pretty curious too, how do you usually deal with your urges?”

Xu Cheng: “I still have the photos of the beautiful girl next-door from my highschool days.”

Lin Chuxue completely blushed. “Shameless!”

Then, she got up and immediately fled.

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  3. That dog food at the end was quality. XD

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