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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 190.1

Chapter 190: Let’s Help You Pop Your Cherry This Year (Part one)

After Lin Chuxue left, Xu Cheng immediately withdrew his smile and went after the head instructor.

“Show me your chrysanthemum (TL note: also refers to b------e in Chinese), let me show you if I’m really gay!”

The head instructor immediately pointed at him with his chopsticks and said, “You little brat, be honest, what’s your relationship with her? I’m still confused, how come the production crew specifically asked for you to be the instructor for this show. I also checked out Lin Chuxue’s Weibo, her fans are all investigating you because you are the first male she interacted with on Weibo. If you are still telling me there’s nothing going on, do you believe that I’m going to beat you to death? Why are you still hiding things from me, no wonder you were unfazed when I introduced so many girls in the past. I didn’t know you wanted to land the number one goddess in the country.”

Xu Cheng was still feeling pretty confident about himself. “You think I can’t?”

Head Instructor: “You? Why don’t you take a look at yourself, you are just tall and have nothing else special. Little Brother, I’m not trying to beat your ego, but you can’t have this kind of high standards. You are better off settling down with someone else, being with someone like Lin Chuxue would attract many problems from other guys, and I’m not sure if you are able to handle them when they come.”

Xu Cheng: “It’s already too late. I’m already prepared to offend the whole world for her. What should I do now?”

Head Instructor: “Then you still need her to like you too, what’s the use of just you liking her and willing to offend the whole world for her? There are way too many men that like her, how far are you ranked?”

Xu Cheng wasn’t satisfied to hear those words. “Big Brother, you really don’t think I can land someone like her?’

Xu Cheng really wanted to just throw their marriage certificate onto his face and shout at him, “Kneel down to me.” 

The head instructor sighed. He put his arm around Xu Cheng’s neck as the two walked out of the cafeteria. On the way, he said, “I won’t say more, I don’t want to hurt your self-esteem. But just let me tell you, you won’t be able to hold on to women like her. You guys are just not on the same level. For instance, she’s either eating expensive cuisines or expensive cuisines, but you have to line up at the cafeteria for food; she‘s coming in and out in exotic cars, a random handbag from her closet could be LV or Hermes, and her budget on makeup alone could be over a hundred thousand yuan a month. I think you should consider other girls. This year, there are quite a few beautiful girls that got recruited into the military for office work, I will introduce a few to you and let’s get your cherry popped this year.”

Xu Cheng was pretty speechless. “I…”

The head instructor wasn’t planning on giving him a break, despite starting his previous paragraph with “I won’t say more.” He continued, “Stop I-ing, are you really planning on facking a rock to give birth to a monkey?” (TL Note: Monkey King was born out of a rock)

Xu Cheng took in a deep breath. “Big Brother, there’s something I don’t want to hide from you anymore. I think I should tell you this secret of mine.”

The head instructor stopped in his tracks and looked at him in curiosity. “You’re really into rocks?”

Xu Cheng was speechless. He shook his head and replied, “No, in fact… In fact, Lin Chuxue’s my wife!”

The head instructor looked at him dumbfoundedly. After a few seconds, he patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder and said, “It’s good to have a dream. Almost all the single men in Huaxia had at one point thought of Lin Chuxue as their wife. I’m happy that you can use this to encourage yourself to work harder. You should take advantage of this opportunity and get a photo with her and get her autograph too. Don’t leave behind any regrets.”

Xu Cheng didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He still wanted to explain himself, but the head instructor had already left, leaving Xu Cheng behind under the scorching sun.

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  1. One missing sentence.

    sentence mtld:

    Xu Cheng: “I …”

    Xu Cheng would like to shout: Who am I afraid to drive a tank or a plane!

    The head coach interrupted him: “Farewell me, do you really want to go to R Stone to have a monkey?”

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