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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 192.1

Chapter 192: Let Me (Part one)

The exercise wasn’t a set of basic gymnastics, but a set of boxing techniques since this was the special ops division. 

Since it was the 6 celebrities’ first time, Xu Cheng told them to fall out from the formation and stand at the front, and then he instructed a rookie to come stand in front of them to teach them the techniques. 

The three male celebrities were fine since it was basic boxing movements, and they learned quite fast. Liu Ziqi and Zhao Yajing also had a background in dancing so they learned quickly as well. However, Lin Chuxue was having a difficult time. Although she liked to do yoga, she had no experience in dance, so she wasn’t learning the moves one by one as quickly as the others.

Besides, this activity was clearly more masculine, and she was a bit shy and reserved when she was doing these moves… Not only her, the other two girls also couldn’t pull off the cool feeling with the moves and appeared a bit awkward. 

At this moment, Xu Cheng walked over to Lin Chuxue and corrected her soft and petite shoulders. “Pump out your chest, put in more spirit, Big Sister!”

Lin Chuxue didn’t know whether she should laugh or get angry, she could detect a hint of a smirk hidden in Xu Cheng’s eyes. This guy was for sure doing this intentionally! How come all the other soldiers were doing their morning runs now and they had to do this boxing routine?

Xu Cheng deliberately ignored the complaint filed by Lin Chuxue’s eyes, and he even lightly slapped her waist and said in all seriousness, “Straighten up here too, why’s your lower part so warped.”

Lin Chuxue’s eyes just stared wide open. This was just too sudden of a [email protected] move!

Not just him, even Yan Xian and Guo Hao on the side were dumbfounded. They didn’t think Instructor Xu would dare to do such a thing, did he just… Did he just almost slap their Goddess Lin Chuxue’s bumbum?

You animal! Get your hands off of her, let me!

Yan Xian and Guo Hao really wanted to go and fight Xu Cheng to the death, but they noticed that the party in question, Lin Chuxue, actually wasn’t angered by it!

Lin Chuxue’s face was blushing like an apple. If she had worn heels today, she would really want to stomp on Xu Cheng’s feet and yell back at him, “My a-s was born this way, how can I not make it warped?”

If looks could kill, then Lin Chuxue’s eyes would’ve already killed Xu Cheng a thousand times.

However, Xu Cheng kept on ignoring how she was looking at him, as he laughed in his heart and thought, Thank god I’m the instructor; if it was someone else, they would for sure take advantage of my wife. The head instructor is indeed a good bro.

After taking a little advantage of his wife, he walked to Liu Ziqi. The latter thought the instructor would slap her near-a-s area too so she subconsciously tightened her hips, straightened her back, trying hard to make her posture more standard to that of a male soldier.

Xu Cheng pointed at Liu Ziqi and said to Lin Chuxue, “Hey, learn from this one, she’s doing it well.”

Liu Ziqi was almost going to cough up blood as she thought, I wasn’t going to man-up right away if it weren’t for being scared of you taking advantage of me.

Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes. She knew Xu Cheng was doing this on purpose, and he just stood beside her with a big smile and taught her hand-to-hand whenever she got a technique wrong. She was trying hard to learn the moves in fear of getting taken advantage of again in public, but with the man she liked standing and watching right beside her, she also felt nervous and couldn’t concentrate. She was about to cry from the nervousness. 

Yan Xian and Guo Hao couldn’t take this anymore, thinking that this b-----d was clearly just taking advantage of their goddess. Thus, the hero came to the rescue – Yan Xian said, “This set of boxing technique warmups isn’t useful. If it’s for keeping fit, I think a morning run is better.”

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  1. ERROR Altered sentence’s, are you using Qidian raws? If so stop using them. They are censored garbage.

    He actually patted her buttocks.

    Sentence missing.

    In this sentence block is a line missing, mtld text block:

    Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes, she could not learn the actions of his grandfathers at all, and Xu Cheng was not reluctant. He was just intentional. He stood beside Lin Chuxue with a smile on his lips. If she did something wrong, she would teach it by herself. She, Lin Chuxue was afraid that he would try to kick himself again, so he devoted himself to learn boxing. Maybe someone like him stood by and looked at her. The reserved Lin Chuxue felt awkward, and finally he couldn’t concentrate. When she got up, she didn’t learn the same thing. Seeing Xu Cheng’s smile growing stronger, she was about to cry.

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