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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 192.2

Chapter 192: Let Me (Part two)

Hero #2 Guo Hao also opened his mouth, “Yeah, this takes a lot of energy but it’s not too beneficial. It’s better to just do laps.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Yes, this is just for the show, and I will only be letting you guys do this exercise for today.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Chuxue really wanted to throw a high heel at Xu Cheng’s face. She looked at Xu Cheng with a hint of resentment and demanded, “Then why are you still being this serious about it and correcting my moves?”

Xu Cheng had the classic expression of “I’m doing this for your sake” as he said to the rookie that was doing the demo in front of the celebrities, “You tell them if this is useful or not.”

The rookie doing the demo grinned and replied, “Cap, how should I tell them?”

Xu Cheng: “Just be my sparring partner.”

The rookie immediately felt his b------e tightening. “Cap… How about let’s not?”

Xu Cheng didn’t want to force him. He turned to Yan Xian and the others and said, “Just because these moves are simple, don’t think they are useless. In actual hand-to-hand combat, these are all useful moves, and remembering them can come in handy in the future at critical moments, like tripping someone and making them fall onto the floor. Especially for girls, normally, the bad guys may underestimate you, and this set of boxing techniques can help you quickly turn the situation around and gain control.” 

Guo Hao frowned. “Oh, really?”

Xu Cheng nodded and pointed at the rookie. “I can demonstrate, but this guy isn’t willing,”

That rookie witnessed first hand how Xu Cheng’s hand blade was able to cut Hu Bing’s round-house kick, so he naturally knew what he was up against, and that was why he was trying his best to avoid getting into a fight. 

Yan Xian lightly smiled. “I will be your sparring partner, can you demonstrate to us?”

Xu Cheng looked at him. “Are you sure?”

Yan Xian nodded. “You are saying these moves can trip someone, right? I just happened to learn a few moves in the past, and I’ve also learned some basic skills and wrestling techniques for a few movie roles. I can be your sparring partner.”

His intention was to simply try his best to not get tripped to humiliate Xu Cheng on camera.

No technique was absolute, including wrestling or boxing. As long as you have a firm stance and have special tricks to resolve the opponent’s tripping technique, you won’t be able to be tripped over.

Yan Xian came out and began stretching, looking like a professional.

Xu Cheng turned around to ask Yan Xian’s agent, “Is this going to be okay?”

Yan Xian’s agent was obviously on his side, and he knew very well what Yan Xian was thinking. Since Yan Xian proposed it, he had no reason to disagree, so he nodded. 

Xu Cheng then looked at the director. “Is this going to be okay? I don’t want to end up injuring him. He’s a famous celebrity with high worth, my military region won’t have the budget to compensate for his injuries.”

The director came over to discuss with Yan Xian, “Should we cut this part out? There’s no need to demonstrate, they only added this boxing segment for our show effect anyways.”

Yan Xian replied, “I’m not that spoiled. In the past, the horse-riding and wire kung fu I did was a lot tougher than this, and it’s normal to get injured when filming. I’m fine!”

The manager had no choice and he could only say to Xu Cheng, “Then let’s continue recording.”

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    oh boy is there any nearby stretcher he gonna need it

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the beginning of the a-s-kicking of prideful douchebags. Our first contestant is the stupid idiot happily going to his doom for lusting after our protag’s wife. What will be his fate when he gets destroyed easily?


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