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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 193.1

Chapter 193: Told You to Do It Out of Surprise (Part one)

Seeing Yan Xian walking over to him, Xu Cheng decided to set an example with him for the other 5 celebrities to see.

At this moment, seeing that Xu Cheng was going to teach someone a lesson, those soldiers that were out on their morning run all slowed down, and some of the ones with bigger balls even came over as they whispered to each other, “Do you guys think he’s going to be hospitalized?”

“Hard to say, Instructor Xu might control his power better after having tested his limits with Hu Bing.”

“I think he might only stay for a few days on the bed even if he gets hospitalized.”

“This guy really has a big heart, he actually dares to spar against Captain Xu. Could it be that he doesn’t know that the boxing routine we do isn’t for show like those taekwondo classes or whatever he takes?” 

“Let’s just take a look first. If the two of them are just trying to wrestle to the ground, then it shouldn’t be too dangerous. As long as he doesn’t deliberately resist and just cooperate and let Captain Xu trip him onto the floor, he should be fine. As long as he doesn’t try to fight back, it’s guaranteed that he won’t have to go to the hospital.”

“Who said celebrities are all girly dudes?! Don’t you see how manly this Yan Xian guy is? We must applaud him for his courage!” 

As the surrounding soldiers said that, they began applauding.

The sudden applause made Lin Chuxue and the rest of the crew become confused, unclear of why they were clapping, and Yan Xian think that those were all his fans that were trying to cheer him on. A big smile immediately appeared on his face, and he looked as if he could take on the world. 

The soldier that was originally responsible for doing the demo immediately fled, not at all wanting to be dragged into this.

At this moment, a soldier that was standing close to Yan Xian’s agent asked the agent, “Oh right, Mr. Yan Xian was also an action star, right?”

The agent nodded proudly. “He learned some basics before, doing things like air flips are a piece of cake for him. He also works out every day and has good explosive strength. However, it was just for acting, and he hadn’t really been in basic combat training before. But, with my understanding of him, your captain probably won’t be able to flip him to the ground.”

The soldier nodded. “If the thing from two days ago didn’t happen, I would’ve believed you.”

Yan Xian’s agent asked, a bit curious, “What happened two days ago?”

The soldier said, “There was this guy who, not to mention air flips, could even do a Taekwondo-style 720-degree-air-kick and explode a sandbag with one strike. He was considered the most fierce rookie of this year here, and if it was real combat, he was the type that could take on 20 at once by himself.”

The agent was pretty shocked. “There’s such a master in the army? How does he look? If possible, you can introduce him to me, and I can make him into the new generation’s martial arts superstar. The entertainment circle has fewer and fewer stars that can actually fight, so people like him are scarce resources that can be introduced to the industry.”

Soldier: “He’s in the military hospital, and I think he needs to recover for at least half a week.”

Agent: “What happened?”

The soldier pouted his mouth towards the direction of Xu Cheng. “There, that’s the guy that finished him off in three moves! I think if you want to look for star-material, you are better off getting this guy. Trust me, he can beat you to the point of having an existential crisis, and I guarantee there’s no need to find him a stunt double nor get him insurance. You don’t even need special effects for the difficult scenes. Value pack, right there, limited time only.”

Having said that, the soldier looked at this agent in all seriousness and said, “Do you know how many people are in this military region? About 50 thousand! Among them, the 5 thousand best fighters makes up the special ops division, and that guy right there, teaching, is the best in the division.”

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  1. “Who said celebrities are all girly dudes?! Don’t you see how manly this Yan Xian guy is? We must applaud him for his courage!”
    I feel like there should be an extra sentence that could be put there. Maybe something like: “Suicidal, though, he may be.” or “Let’s make sure he gets to the hospital really quick for treatment.”

    • noodletowntranslated

      LOOL, or “Alright who’s got their phone on them, maybe we should call the ambulance right now so they get here just on time”

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