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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 193.2

Chapter 193: Told You to Do It Out of Surprise (Part two)

Yan Xian’s agent’s eyelids jumped. For some reason, he began to have a really bad feeling.

But at this moment, Xu Cheng was already standing beside Yan Xian. He held his wrist and arm, and then he said to the other five celebrities, “This move was what you guys just practiced, now I will show you how to utilize it in the face of danger, especially for girls. It’s best if you do it out of surprise. For instance, if the hostile is trying to rob you, you can pretend to hand it to him, and when their hand is out like Yan Xian right now, your closest hand can grab on to his arm while the further one can grab onto his wrist. Now, forcefully give it a pull while stepping down onto his foot in the front. Make sure all the movements are done in one go, like this.”
As Xu Cheng talked, he was prepared to throw Yan Xian over the shoulder, but who knew that Yan Xian would have already held his breath and cemented his lower body down, trying hard to not let Xu Cheng successfully throw him over the shoulder. Originally, Xu Cheng wasn’t planning on using much force, but who knew Yan Xian was so obvious in trying to not cooperate. 

Xu Cheng made his first pulling attempt but failed, and the atmosphere became a bit awkward.

Guo Hao lowered his head as he almost burst out in laughter. The camera was rolling right now, and it sure would be humiliating for Xu Cheng to fail his demo. 

Zhou Zihao almost laughed too, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised. Liu Ziyi and Zhao Yajing also originally thought Xu Cheng could throw Yan Xian, but who knew Yan Xian would just stand still.

Yan Xian’s agent was just getting anxious, and he finally let out a sigh of relief upon seeing Xu Cheng’s unsuccessful attempt. He subconsciously said to the soldier he was just talking to, “Do you never make a draft when you boast?”

The soldier only smiled in response.

Lin Chuxue looked at the awkward scene and was feeling a bit embarrassed for Xu Cheng. Just when she was about to say something to break the awkward silence, who knew Xu Cheng would casually say, “Like I said earlier, this only works if your opponent isn’t expecting it. Just now, Yan Xian already knew this was happening, so he deliberately made a precaution and solidified his stance. From the standpoint of the bad guy, it was correct for him to do that. He’s indeed someone with a background in martial arts. When you are doing this out of surprise, you must make sure you use enough force at once, or it’s just going to turn out as what happened with me, unable to pull him. So, you need to make sure you use enough force, like this.” 

Then, Xu Cheng summoned more strength and pulled, tossing Yan Xian’s body. In that instant, Yan Xian’s eyes became as big as an egg as he just felt that he was tied to 10 thousand llamas and pulled out. To him, it could only be described like that type of overwhelming force of nature.

In the crowd’s eyes and the camera lenses, he was like a homerun baseball shot, flying into the distance. That trajectory was odd enough to make people wonder whether gravity was in effect.

Pheww~ Bang!

When Yan Xian landed on the grass about 10 meters away, everyone instinctively closed their eyes, not having the heart to look at the “beautiful” scene.

When everyone opened their eyes again and made sure the guy that just flew was Yan Xian, they all subconsciously swallowed, suddenly feeling sympathy for this “bad guy”. Just before everyone could react, Xu Cheng said, “Then, after you threw the bad guy onto the ground, you must pursue now that you have the upper-hand and go after them right after, like this.”

Then, Xu Cheng ran behind Yan Xian and suddenly sat down on him, shouting, “Achaa!”

The miserable cry of Yan Xian radiated into the distance. 

Guo Hao swallowed as he thought to himself, “Screw applying pressure to him with you, there’s no way I’m following your steps to piss off that monster.”

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  1. Rissay Ibrahimi

    When a kitty tries to act fierce to a Tiger with wings smh

  2. “Achaa”

    -famous last word

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