Chapter 194: The Unfortunate Guy Named Yan Xian (Part one)

At noon, in the military hospital, Yan Xian was already bandaged up, and beside him were his agent and the director who already had their discussion. Then, the agent asked, “Umm, maybe you can rest to recover first before returning to the show?”

Recover your face! That was Yan Xian’s mood at the moment.

This was the first day of official filming, and you are already asking me to stop filming. After all, the “True Men” show has really good viewership, even more so this season with the super star Lin Chuxue, but you are telling me to rest? How am I supposed to get on the trending page if I don’t appear with Lin Chuxue? Not to mention how I facking joined this show for zero compensation, yet you are telling me to take a break on day 1? Everyone knows that this season only takes a week to shoot, and I need to take at least a month to recover from a facking broken arm. Why don’t you just tell me to quit this show entirely?

“It’s fine, this injury is nothing to me. It’s just a fracture. Besides, isn’t this the ‘True Men’ show? If I quit with just a broken arm, how can I call myself a true man?”

The military doctor next to him gave him a big thumbs up. “You fought Xu Cheng? What a man! I can’t believe you guys actually managed to get him to be your instructor, the ‘True Men’ crew is indeed resourceful.”

Upon hearing this, Yan Xian’s butth0le tightened, and the director and the agent didn’t know whether they should laugh or cry.

So, with the thought of trying to get the most air time as possible, he continued to participate in the show with bandages on.

Due to the injury, the directing crew asked him to do a close-up interview to put into the show, and he was on the bed talking to the camera, “I didn’t think Instructor Xu would use so much force. But to be honest, at that time I wasn’t too prepared, or I could’ve maintained my position and not get thrown out. As a martial arts star, I’ve had a lot of experiences wrestling like this.”

As an action star, he obviously needed to protect his image of the tough and powerful man, so he didn’t forget to find himself an excuse during the interview for his broken arm.

Just after he said that, another guy in bandages resting in the bed beside his sneered.

Yan Xian looked over, and he saw a big and muscular guy sitting up on the bed against the wall with his hands behind his head. The guy just glanced at him with disdain and continued to look out of the window; he was Hu Bing.

Seeing how the guy was pretty injured, Yan Xian asked the military doctor, “Is it a common thing for people to get injured in the military?”

The doctor said in an odd tone, “Not really, there are the occasional sprains on ankles or arms, or the seasonal cold. However, the two biggest injuries these days would be you two, and they were also gifted by the same person.” 

Right as he finished, Hu Bing began gritting his teeth as he rolled his eyes and snorted, “Just wait for me to get out. The day I get discharged is the day Xu Cheng gets hospitalized.”

Yan Xian looked over at Hu Bing. “You also got beaten up by Instructor Xu?’

Hu Bing didn’t like how that phrase was worded. He glared at Yan Xian and responded, “I’m not the same as you. You being here was inevitable, but me being here was just accidental.” 

The doctor that was taking care of him snorted. “Someone was just crying daddy and mommy when they got sent in here. This is the typical ‘scar healed and forgot the pain’ situation.”

Hu Bing glanced at the doctor and shouted, “Uncle Liu, just you wait, I will send him here for sure and let you make more money, just like before when I sent all those veterans here and helped take care of your business.”

The doctor laughed. “Okay, I will wait. Just don’t send yourself back in here for an extended stay. I can’t give discounts.”

Yan Xian obviously wasn’t happy with how Hu Bing looked down on him. To be frank, in this circle, he was still considered to be a big-name super-star with a hot temper, and to an action star like him, looking down on him was simply unacceptable.

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