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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 194.2

Chapter 194: The Unfortunate Guy Named Yan Xian (Part two)

“You are?” he asked, with the possible intent of plotting revenge after finding out about his identity. 

On his side, the agent suddenly remembered what the soldier was telling him back on the field and thought this was probably the so-called rookie of the year, so he subconsciously pulled Yan Xian back a bit.

Hu Bing’s temper was even worse than Xu Cheng. Hearing Yan Xian daring to ask him for his name, he didn’t respond and directly punched the table by his bedside, shattering it along with the glass and bowls on top.

Yan Xian, the agent, the director, and the assistant’s eyelids jumped, and the room became instantly silent.

Hu Bing only took a scornful look at Yan Xian and sneered, “You are an action star?”

That kind of disregard in those eyes was really hurtful, and Yan Xian really wanted to cry.

Holy crap, is there no one normal around? Not to mention getting beaten into the hospital by a monster, now there’s another monster bullying me. The key is, this monster was also hospitalized by the monster outside that sent me in! It was that kind of angry emotion that Yan Xian could do nothing about that was driving him borderline insane.

As for his injury, the other celebrities also had close-up interview shots.

Guo Hao: “To be honest, when he flew past me, I thought he was riding on a rocket.”

Zhou Zihao: “Everything happened too quickly and I didn’t see clearly, and by the time I came to my senses, he had already flown a dozen meters away. I’m still quite dumbstruck right now.”

Lin Chuxue: “I didn’t know our nation’s soldiers are this powerful, and I’m feeling really proud for my country.” At this moment, Lin Chuxue didn’t forget to stand on Xu Cheng’s side. She was also scared that Yan Xian’s fans might seek revenge on Xu Cheng for what happened, so she chose to side with Xu Cheng since her fanbase were bigger than Yan Xian’s.

Liu Ziqi: “Instructor Xu doesn’t look like Stallone nor Schwarzengger, so I didn’t expect his power to be this stunning! Senior Yan Xian was a big guy…”

Zhao Yajing still wore a shocked expression. “When Instructor Xu failed the first time, I felt a little embarrassed for him, but only later did I realize he didn’t even get started yet, ahahaha.”

Yan Xian came back to shooting with his arm covered in bandages. When it was food time, at the cafeteria, over hundreds of soldiers were lining up in front of 5 windows to get their food. The appearance of Lin Chuxue and the other 2 female celebrities immediately lit up the passion of those dudes.

With the cameras following, those three naturally came to the end of the line and queued up. The soldier in front of them turned around, and when he saw Lin Chuxue’s goddess-like look, his soul was already taken away. “You can go first.”

The soldier in front of that one also turned around and noticed, and he immediately gave her his spot as well. “Princess Snow, you go first.”

Lin Chuxue was a bit embarrassed as she smiled in response, moving right up the line from thirty-something to being first. The soldier behind the window distributing the food was also super excited upon seeing Lin Chuxue, and he piled her tray with food, which left Lin Chuxue feeling even more embarrassed.

Yan Xian and the other 2 dudes saw this scene, and they were shocked. What the fack? This works too?

So, Yan Xian tapped the soldier in front of him on the soldier, revealing a smile that he thought was very charming and saying, “Hey Bro, I’m so hungry.”

That soldier glanced at him with a confused look, and then turned around and ignored him.

Yan Xian patted him again, pointed at his bandaged arm, and didn’t give up. “Take a look at this…”

The soldier raised his fist and said, “You can do it, you are true men. Just endure it and it will be all over!”

Then, he turned around and didn’t bother with Yan Xian again.

At this moment, Yan Xian just wanted to throw the cast on his arm to the ground and shout, “Fack this sh:t I’m out!” 

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  1. “Fack this sh:t, I’m out” Yan Xiang, you’re true men. Don’t give up so soon. It’s fun just having you around. Hahahaha…

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