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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 195.1

Chapter 195: Trailer Footage (Part one)

– Afternoon – 

Xu Cheng led the crew to the shooting range. Upon entering, Lin Chuxue and the other two girls all asked Xu Cheng in excitement, “Instructor Xu, do we get to shoot? I’ve never shot a gun in my life.”
Xu Cheng nodded and then said, “Today’s the first day, and you will be practicing how to shoot. I will be teaching you tips on how to control various pistols, rifles, and other weapons. Come over first and try lifting these guns, remember the weight and try to get familiar with them.”

The six celebrities all came right over and started touching the guns. Zhou Zihao also had very little chance to play with real guns. The bullets were all empty shells, so he played with them casually.

Guo Hao and Yan Xian were also quite interested. Although there were always gunfight scenes during the dramas and films they were in, those were all props and couldn’t be compared to the real deal. Thanks to the directing crew, the military was actually generous enough to open up this area for them to utilize for the show.

But, Yan Xian couldn’t get too excited because after all, he had one arm in a cast. He suppressed his resentment for Xu Cheng and suddenly thought of something. “Instructor Xu, will you be teaching us how to shoot?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Of course.”

“Oh really?” Yan Xian lifted his brows, and then he looked towards Guo Hao, sending a signal.

Guo Hao originally pretended to not see it. But after all, they made a pact earlier, so he said, “Sir, didn’t you say the special ops division is the elite section of the military region? I heard there are people here that are god-like marksmen, right?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Yep, but these are all classified information, so I can’t talk about it on air.” 

At this moment, Lin Chuxue picked up a handgun, and she pretended to be in the movies, looking cool as she pointed the gun at Xu Cheng and made a shooting gesture, saying, “Pa!”

Xu Cheng also cooperated with her and took steps backward, pretending to have gotten shot.

Lin Chuxue didn’t think that this guy would actually play along like a little boy, and she chuckled. “Your acting is too exaggerated.”

Zhou Zihao picked up a sniper rifle, looked into the distance at the one kilometer sign, and said, “Sir, do you know how to use this gun? I heard the hardest part about being a sniper rifle is sniping without a scope?”

Xu Cheng: “It’s indeed tough. But in the case of a damaged scope, you must learn how to flash snipe, which is sniping with no scope, and that would require you to feel everything yourself. Due to the powerful recoil, it’s really hard to do a no-scope while keeping your balance, especially in a chaotic battle. Carrying this heavy gun while chasing or being chased, there’s no time to find the best position, so you can only flash snipe to deal with your enemies.”

Liu Ziqi said with sparkling eyes, “I feel like men that can use a sniper rifle are especially cool. I really like the sharp eyed look they have when they aim, really focused and really attractive.”

Zhao Yajing also nodded. “Right, men at that time are especially attractive.”

Guo Hao made an expression of focusing on aiming to cooperate and said, “Look, you mean like me right now?”

Those two girls nodded in excitement, but it was possible that they were just doing it for the show’s effect.

Xu Cheng smiled and said, “Your action took 2 seconds, and if you were in a match against an experienced shooter, you would already be dead.”

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  1. Missing sentence’s.

    MTLD missing sentence’s:

    Xu Cheng nodded: “That’s for sure.”

    Yan Xian casually looked at a pistol and asked, “Not right? I think shooting should require shooting athletes to teach us.”

    Xu Chengdao: “Then you are wrong, the coaches of the shooting athletes are actually taught by the old drivers of the military region.”

    “Really?” Yan Xian raised an eyebrow, then looked at Guo Hao and sent a signal.

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