Chapter 196: If We Are Filming, We Should Film This Kind of Action Movie (Part one)

Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng, a bit shocked. She could clearly feel that Xu Cheng had changed. Don’t know when it all started, but he had become different. 

Perhaps it was from when he fought Gate Master Yan, or perhaps when he single-handedly took on the 50 or so North Gate gangsters inside that iron fence, she felt that Xu Cheng had become a lot stronger. As for how he got stronger, she couldn’t really describe it. Maybe power, maybe changes in almost every aspect, it all really surprised her.

The deeds he did in Shangcheng made Lin Chuxue feel like a stranger to him, and it also made her regret, feeling that she missed so many of his experiences in life. As a childhood sweetheart, Lin Chuxue felt that she should try to recover these lost times they hadn’t been together, so she came to the military camp. Now, the more she got to understand Xu Cheng, the more pleased she was to see how excellent he had become. It really made her proud.

But, what made her most touched and thankful was his unchanged feelings towards her – whether she was there to see it or not, he was always standing at the same place, and he never left. 

No one wouldn’t be happy to hear others complimenting the person they liked, especially women, hoping that their man could shoulder the sky, and shoulder the future for them. When that head instructor’s mouth were filled with compliments of Xu Cheng, Lin Chuxue felt really proud. Although they had not disclosed their relationship to the public, she was still really happy for Xu Cheng. At that moment, Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng and suddenly thought to herself, maybe he would really be able to go back to their home in Britain with her.

Xu Cheng ignored Guo Hao who had his mouth wide open due to shock, and he directly tossed a gun to Zhou Zihao as he said to everyone else that was also shocked, “Come on, get ready, I will teach you how to hold the gun and aim.”

Yan Xian and the others finally came back to their senses. Seeing how the camera caught them being shocked by Xu Cheng’s performance, he really wanted to slap himself for giving Xu Cheng a chance to shine. Immediately, he coughed and commented, “It still feels a bit slow, I remember the world record for this is 0.35 seconds, Instructor Xu probably used one second just now.”

Xu Cheng only smiled and didn’t bother to entangle himself with this argument with Yan Xian. When the actual show aired, there would be people that study how long he really used.

Xu Cheng waved at them to gesture for them to come to the shooting range. “All of you come over and get ready, the ladies can use pistols, and the guys will use rifles. We will play a game, and whoever loses has to perform what they are most capable of.”

The girls might not be able to lift the rifles, or even if they could, it would be hard for them to find a sense of balance, so Xu Cheng let them pick pistols instead. Meanwhile, the guys could pick the more domineering rifles.

The six of them gathered around, and Yan Xian picked up a pistol. It was inconvenient for him since he only had one hand, but he could still use the casted arm to support the other hand to hold a posture. Originally, the director didn’t want him to participate, but this guy just really want to be in more frames.

“Do you see the rings in the front? This is an electronic board that will record and send feedback to the display. There are 10 rings, with the outer ring being 1 point and the bullseye worth 10 points. Now, everyone has 10 shots, and let’s see who scores the most points. The last 2 places will have penalties. Now, I will teach you how to use pistols. Initial users should stand with their feet apart with two hands on the gun, aiming it at the target. Holding it with two hands allows you to control the recoil better while increasing accuracy, and it is also suitable for users with weaker wrists.”

Lin Chuxue asked in curiosity, “But in the movies, people often shoot with one hand.”

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