Chapter 198: That Kiss on the Forehead (Part one)

In the evening, the recording for the day ended. Xu Cheng didn’t see the need to continue accompanying them, so he went on a jog around the field after dinner.

He was also on a tight training schedule. Even though Hu Bing didn’t accept him, he was still on the list already. By then, he might have to fight on his own against everyone else, so he needed to train even harder right now.

Lin Chuxue also gave herself a little break from the rest of the crew. Instead of going out of the military region like the other celebrities, she stayed behind. After dinner, she took some photos with some enthusiastic fans in the military and went to find Xu Cheng. 

When Xu Cheng was jogging on the field, Yan Xian’s agent purposely waited under a tree for him. When Xu Cheng jogged passed him, he politely greeted, “Umm, Instructor Xu, wait a second.”

Xu Cheng stopped and looked at him. “Can I help you?”

Yan Xian’s agent took out his business card and handed it to Xu Cheng. “This is my card, Instructor Xu, do you have any thought of possibly entering the entertainment industry?”

Xu Cheng took a look at the card – senior agent of the Royal Capital Entertainment Company. 

The agent immediately continued, “Royal Capital Entertainment is one of the top tier companies in the industry, and we have our dedicated record and film distribution channels. It’s not hard for our company to create a star, especially with someone like Mr. Xu with such great skills. Believe me, with what you are capable of, you can definitely join the military and action film industry and become a super star with just one movie. I already did some digging, with the wage and pension plan provided by the military, you will be a lot better off becoming a celebrity. If you are willing, I definitely can convince my management to directly give you a top-tier contract. With the help of this season’s ‘True Men’, you could definitely rise to fame faster than all of the other beginners.”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Are you Yan Xian’s agent?”

The agent smiled and replied, “A senior agent can serve several celebrities, and Yan Xian’s one of mines. Do you know how much he can make per year?”

Xu Cheng asked, “How much?”

The agent replied proudly, “At least 20 to 40 million.”

“That’s still less than my wife does,” Xu Cheng mumbled to himself. He knew Lin Chuxue could make a couple tens of millions in just album royalties alone, not to mention movies and endorsement contracts.

“What did you say?” The agent didn’t hear clearly.

“Nothing, but I think you got the wrong person. I’m not interested.” As Xu Cheng said that, he passed the business card back. 

The agent still wanted to give it another shot. “Mr. Xu, I’m being very serious, please consider it. With your body and capabilities, you are born to be an action star! If you don’t do it, it would be such a waste of your talent.”

Xu Cheng turned around, looked at him, and said, “Nope, I can still fight in wars.”

Agent: “What war? How is there still any war in this era? It’s so peaceful, and everyone’s thinking about working hard to make money and climb to the top.”

Xu Cheng: “Climbing to the top doesn’t necessary involve making tons of money, there’s also the ladder to the top of power! Do you know why I don’t want to become an action star?”

The agent shook his head.

Xu Cheng: “Because I’m afraid that I could kill someone! When I fight, I’m being serious and there’s no acting involved. Doing punches and kicks just for show is the biggest humiliation to me. Let me tell you, my fists only punch enemies, and they aren’t for show!”

Upon saying that, Xu Cheng continued jogging again, but didn’t forget to leave one more sentence for the agent. “It would be truly pathetic for a country when the sharp swords of the nation are used for show to make money instead. Don’t extend your invitation to other soldiers, you might get beat up.”

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