Chapter 199: I Have My Difficulties (Part one)

When Lin Chuxue returned to her dorm, her agent Sister Lei stood in the hallway as she watched her come back. Then, she looked at the man on the field and sighed, “What’s so good about him? Other than being able to fight, it seems like he’s not even able to afford your spending habits, right? In my eyes, he doesn’t deserve you. That’s my honest opinion, but I’m not looking down on him.”

Lin Chuxue leaned on the fence in the hallway and looked at the figure on the field. “Then in your mind, what’s a right match?”

Sister Lei: “With your assets, you can definitely marry into a wealthy and prominent household. There are so many people that are willing to spend a fortune for you.”

Lin Chuxue chuckled. “Then am I loving the family background or the money? Shouldn’t I be loving the person instead? Besides, what makes you think that Xu Cheng doesn’t have money and can’t give me happiness? I have the money, but sometimes, it just can’t give me the life I want. Under the influence of money, whether it’s love or friendship, both become unreliable. You followed me for so long, haven’t you noticed that the number of times I smiled in the past few days is more than all the times before combined?” 

Sister Lei was stunned for a bit. This was indeed a point she ignored.

Lin Chuxue didn’t blame her for not caring and knowing enough about her, and she continued, “I know I’m a lucky girl because of the looks my parents gave me and my family background allowed me to get a much bigger head start than others. I also know that I’m almost destined to be someone envied by others and will never have to worry about money. But, these are not assets I should be proud of, and I know that better than everyone else. So, since I was small, I worked hard to improve myself. In my opinion, time is like a butcher knife and it will slowly strip away my looks, so I know very well that instead of marrying someone wealthy and have the relationship be measured with money, I will be better off marrying someone that comes from grass roots but loves me. I believe, if he loves me enough, he will become more powerful and create a wealthy and prominent family for me. Besides, instead of marrying into a rich family, I like creating one because it gives me a good sense of accomplishment.”

Sister Lei was dumbfounded.

She never knew Lin Chuxue would have this kind of unique view on choosing a mate and the future, but it was the risky approach of betting everything on one man.

“But if you put your faith in the wrong person, you will be like a jade vase with a crack, and you won’t be as priceless as you originally were,” Sister Lei sighed and said.

“I know,” Lin Chuxue smiled, “But by the look of it right now, he didn’t let me down. Even if he fails, I will accept my destiny and follow him because at least the feelings between us are real. Being with him at least makes me very happy.”
Upon saying that, Lin Chuxue walked into her room.

When she came back out, she had already changed into her sportswear. 

At the end of the hall, Yan Xian ran up the stairs, looked at her with a bright smile, and said, “Chuxue, I went out and bought a fresh pig, and we are inviting the whole crew for barbeque just out in the field. Do you want to go with me?”

Lin Chuxue smiled and replied, “It’s fine, I already ate in the afternoon. I will gain weight if I eat at night.”

Yan Xian didn’t give up. “Then let’s still join in on the fun, the crew is recording additional footage for a special bonfire episode, everyone’s there. We are playing games together.”

Lin Chuxue really wanted to decline, but Sister Lei walked to her side and whispered, “Just go, the whole crew’s there, it wouldn’t be nice if you are the only one absent.”

Reluctantly, Lin Chuxue nodded her head, and then she went with Sister Lei and Yan Xian to the open sand field. There was already a bonfire set up there and it was surrounded by people. The atmosphere was extremely lively. 

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