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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 199.2

Chapter 199: I Have My Difficulties (Part two)

Lin Chuxue originally changed into the sportswear to train with Xu Cheng. Didn’t he just say that no one wanted to train with him? It did give Lin Chuxue a bit of a heartache, kind of like how no one wanted to play with him when they were young. Originally, she wanted to be his buddy just like back when they were small, but it was a bit disappointing to run into Yan Xian on the way.

After doing the reverse pull-ups, Xu Cheng went to a tree where there was a sandbag hanging from the branch. He just began punching it to train his speed without any gloves or bandages on his fists. If there was a spotlight shining on him, people would’ve been shocked by his phantom-like fists punching the bag because of how fast he was going. It would be conservative to estimate that he was throwing 5 punches every second. 

Upon finishing, he began practicing his kicks. Powerful explosion sounds continued to sound, shocking Hu Bing who was approaching him.

Feeling someone close-by, Xu Cheng stopped and turned around. He just saw Hu Bing on crutches with a bandaged leg standing there and watching him. 

“If you are here to demand an apology, just save it. I won’t apologize to you, even if you bring out your family to assert pressure.”

“If I was going to bring out my family, I would’ve done it a long time ago, and they could’ve directly removed you from the list. I’m also not here to demand an apology from you,” Hu Bing said.

Xu Cheng looked at him. “Then what are you here for? You want to spar again?”

“Originally, I did, but after seeing you train, I gave up. I’m the type of person that only believe in my own eyes, so no matter how other people praise you, I wouldn’t care until I see it myself. However, with what happened that day and today, I think you deserve to be respected. I’ve watched you train for more than two hours now, and this demon-like routine has changed my opinion about you.”

Xu Cheng snorted. “Thanks, but I don’t care about your opinion because it’s not important.”

Then, Xu Cheng picked up his jacket and started walking away. Hu Bing looked at his back and said, “Sorry.”

Xu Cheng stopped in his tracks but he didn’t turn around.

Hu Bing continued and said, “I really want to be your comrade-in-arms and win this competition, but I have my difficulties. I admit that you are better than me in every way and if you join my team, I would definitely have to give up my center role. This is the truth, and if it was any other day, I wouldn’t mind, as long as we can win. However, not this time. If I can’t prove to my family my capabilities, I will have to give up on this and go into politics. I don’t like living in that world, and I only have this chance. So, I’m sorry.”

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything and he walked away.

As he walked, he saw a figure coming at him. She jogged all the way to him, her face still a bit red. She held up a pig’s hoof and waved it around. “You probably burned a lot of energy. Here, chew on this pig hoof, I roasted it just for you.”

Xu Cheng looked at the black charcoal-like object in Lin Chuxue’s hand and didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Can I not?”

Lin Chuxue said like a little kid, “But I roasted this for a long time just for you.”

Xu Cheng was about to cry. “Yeah I can see that. Fine, I will eat it.” 

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  1. > When your wifey tries to cook but ends up with something burnt into charcoal but all you can do is thank and praise her while trying not to break your teeth XD

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