Chapter 200: Stubborn (Part one)

– Early In the Morning- 

A whistle was blown suddenly and the sound echoed in the campgrounds of the special ops division.

Xu Cheng went to the three male celebrities’ dorm and knocked. “Get up, get up, assemble on the field in 5 minutes.”

The three male celebrities that were still dreaming opened their eyes with great difficulty, especially Yan Xian. He was the most spoiled one and immediately began swearing impatiently, “Can you be more annoying? I want to sleep, what the fack are you doing?”

The other two also checked out the clock with sleepy eyes and said, “It’s only 4 o’clock, oh my god!”

Right after complaining, they just heard a slam, and the lock was broken by Xu Cheng again. Those three guys were immediately shocked wide awake with their mouths shut.

Xu Cheng shouted, “Get up!” 

Then, he went up stairs, leaving behind Yan Xian shouting at Zhou Zihao, “Didn’t I tell you to lock the door?”

Zhou Zihao really wanted to cry. “I did…”

Upstairs, the three girls had already gotten up and were changing into their uniforms. Hearing Xu Cheng’s footsteps in the hall and knowing that this guy was barbaric enough to kick open the door, Lin Chuxue was still a bit sleepy at first but she immediately woke up and shouted before Xu Cheng could get to the door, “We are changing, don’t come in!”

Xu Cheng: “I will give you guys 5 minutes to assemble on the field.”

Liu Ziqi sat by the window and her eyes were not completely open yet. She said a bit angrily, “My crush was about to kiss me in my dream…”

Zhao Yajing helplessly said, “But I just got my period yesterday, ah…”

Liu Ziqi looked at Lin Chuxue and said, “Senior Sister, can you talk to the directing crew and just say that we aren’t participating in this segment? I really want to sleep.”

Lin Chuxue gave her a look. “What are you saying? If this gets exposed, the audience would start saying things like how do you still want to be more famous if you aren’t willing to work hard for it.”

Liu Ziqi didn’t know how to reply and could only start changing lazily.

Xu Cheng was already standing there with his feet apart and hands behind his back when these people got to the field and assembled.

The six of them stood in a line, and Xu Cheng began to speak. “Tonight, there will be an urgent mission for you guys to complete.”

Everyone was pretty curious and they saw Xu Cheng pointing to the side, revealing three police dogs sitting there panting with their tongues out.

“You guys will go in teams of two with a dog, and you will be looking for important items in this military region that were stolen.”

Lin Chuxue asked curiously, “Sorry, Instructor, what were the items that were stolen?”

Xu Cheng took out a few pictures and passed it to them. Then, he brought them to the crime scene where the thieves left behind tracks and scents. “The stolen items were a couple of trophies. This is the crime scene, but I won’t be saying what items were specifically left behind by the thieves. Now, you should divide into three groups, and each group will get a dog. Get familiar with the dog and then go find the thieves and retrieve the trophies. Of course, if you pick up the wrong item for the dog to smell, then the dog will follow that scent and take you to the wrong place. So now, it’s all up to you guys. Investigate the crime scene, determine what are the clues left behind by the thieves, and think about where they would leave behind their scent or tracks. Understand?”

The six of them nodded. “Understood.”

Xu Cheng: “Now, you guys can divide into groups.”

Yan Xian jumped out first. “How about a girl and a guy per group? That way, they can take care of each other.”

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