Chapter 201: Obstacle (Part one)

Xu Cheng just followed behind Lin Chuxue and looked at her. He had to admit, this woman looked pretty cute right now. Although he knew Lin Chuxue better than anyone else, he was still a little surprised to see the spoiled princess that she was doing all of this for him.

He recalled when Lin Chuxue asked him in a call that if he would still like her if she were to become more ordinary for him.

It turned out that she wasn’t joking; she was really willing to change herself to become more ordinary and approachable for Xu Cheng, and also so that she could integrate into the ordinary life that Xu Cheng had. Even though it would be tough, she would still enjoy every step of the way.

Xu Cheng felt a surge of warmth in his heart.

This prideful woman, Xu Cheng never thought that she would take this change in her life for him, and he was very touched. At the same time, he secretly vowed that he would protect this woman. He wouldn’t be like his father who failed to keep the woman he loved around. No matter how difficult it was or painful it would get, he would still protect her and keep her by his side!

When you tolerate the pain to a certain critical point, you would be able to endure the rest. Lin Chuxue was able to endure the discomfort in her body, and with her head covered in sweat, she began jogging lightly after Zhou Zihao and the police dog to look for the items.

The other teams also weren’t having a good time. The military camp was so big, and the police dogs didn’t wait for them when they started chasing after the scent. As a result, the others were all out of breath from running. It was also dark outside with only streetlights, so they had to be careful of pits as well.

They didn’t know the director would make the exercise this serious. After running for almost 5 kilometers, the police dogs still didn’t show any sign of wanting to slow down. This stolen-item hunt activity was truly a torment.

Yan Xian had an injury on his arm, and plus all the running, he couldn’t help but complain, “Holy crap, are we here to get tortured? Why the sudden night raid and now a mission? Yo, did the directing crew arrange this?”

The cameraman following them shook his head and said innocently, “It was Instructor Xu’s idea.”

Yan Xian was about to puke out blood. “Fack, it’s that Instructor Xu again!”

The camera man said, “He said he ate some pork hoof and ended up having diarrhea for the whole night and couldn’t get any sleep, so he decided to might as well do a night raid with you guys.”

Guo Hao almost fell upon hearing this. Jesus christ, the guy couldn’t sleep so he dragged everyone up to accompany him?

The three groups quickly came to a training field under the police dogs’ guidance.

The six of them looked at each other, and then they looked at the camera man and asked, “Are we passing through here?”

Then, Xu Cheng, who was trailing behind them, came up and reminded, “Yes, now your police dog seemed to have found the thief. But, there will only be one winner. You three groups have to pass through this training field and then continue on.”

All six of them were dumbfounded because there was a river in front of them. There were a few logs that bridged the two sides of the river. One must keep their balance and get on the log, and then there would be 5 two-meter-tall obstacle walls one had to climb over, with the final stage being a field of low-lying wires that would require the person to lay on their back and crawl out with their shoulders.

“Holy crap, it feels so difficult,” Liu Ziqi said with a depressed face.

Lin Chuuxe also felt it was difficult, but there was a hint of anticipation in her eyes. She felt that it would be pretty fun.

Looking at the obstacles, Guo Hao wasn’t fazed by it at all and said, “This is too easy.”

Then, Xu Cheng said, “This should be pretty easy for the guys, and that’s why we assigned a girl to each team to balance it. Since you guys are in teams, both members must pass this obstacle course.”

Guo Hao didn’t even let out his smile before his face fell. “Are you kidding me?”

Now he felt like assigning Liu Ziqi to him was really a trap.

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