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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 202.1

Chapter 202: This is My Dream (Part one)

When Lin Chuxue and Zhou Zihao came to the second obstacle course, which were the 2-meter-high walls, she frowned.

Zhou Zihao walked up and bent down halfway and said, “Sister Xue, come, climb on my back.”

“It’s fine.” Lin Chuxue was determined. She took a look at Xu Cheng who had been watching her on the side. “It’s just two meters, I can climb over.”

She was 1.7-meter tall and would be about two meters if she were to lift up her hand. With just a light jump, she could grab onto the wall, so she didn’t need help from other people at all.

She backed up a few steps, and with a slight roar, she ran up with her slim arms swinging back and forth. With a step on the wall to push herself further up, she jumped and grabbed onto the edge of the wall, helping herself up and sliding down the other side. She looked at Xu Cheng again and gave a smug smile of satisfaction, as if she was asking for compliments.

Xu Cheng slightly smiled, and he just saw Lin Chuxue climbing over one after another. The two of them quickly pulled the lead over the other two groups.

Although slowly, the other two groups at least didn’t have anyone fall into the water as they moved past the first obstacle. Then, when they came to the wall, Yan Xian managed to climb over them with Zhao Yajing’s help, although with great difficulty. Those two groups were just about a minute behind Lin Chuxue’s group.

The last obstacle course was a bit tough. The wires were laid really low, so if someone were to be slightly fat, they wouldn’t be able to complete it.

Zhou Zihao said, “I will go in first, Sister Xue, you can follow me.”

Lin Chuxue nodded.

Zhou Zihao went first, and the other men quickly joined in as well. They all lied on the floor with their eyes to the sky as they nudged forward with their heels and shoulders. Under just 2 minutes, those three guys all successfully moved past and began cheering for their teammates.

At that moment, Xu Cheng couldn’t help but smile. 

Lin Chuxue caught this smile, and at first she didn’t know why. But, only a few seconds after she got under the wires and began moving, she heard Liu Ziqi and Zhao Yajing yelling.

“Ahh, it hooked me…” Zhao Ziqi was almost about to cry. Her chest was too big and she actually wasn’t able to move past the wires.

Not only her, even Zhao Yajing’s chest was stopped by the wires.

Those three men were all dumbfounded, the camera men as well.

This… This was a bit awkward.

Lin Chuxue looked at them and then at herself; although her chest was pretty big, it was just enough to past below the wires, allowing her to pass through smoothly.

She then saw Xu Cheng’s smile and she really wanted to go up and stomp him on the feet. Only she could pass it but not the other two, didn’t that expose the fact that her chest wasn’t as big as the other two? Although the other two girls were embarrassed, she was pretty embarrassed as well.

Zhou Zihao saw Lin Chuxue in a daze under the barbed wire and he quickly called out, “Sister Xue, hurry up and come out! We need to move!” Lin Chuxue immediately responded and began moving again. But after getting out and climbing back up, she didn’t forget to give Xu Cheng a look.

Just you wait, I will settle this with you later, humph!

Yan Xian and Guo Hao stood there as their eyeballs were about to fall out. Zhao Yajing and Liu Ziqi’s chest just got them stuck in place and they couldn’t advance, and they were getting more and more nervous.

“Ah, Big Brother Xian, what should I do?”

Yan Xian: “Maybe push it down a bit and keep on moving.”

Zhao Yajing pushed her chest down a bit and tried again, but it was useless as she was still a bit over the top.

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