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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 202.2

Chapter 202: This is My Dream (Part two)

Liu Ziqi directly climbed back out, took off her military jacket and left only her vest inside, intentionally showing off the asset(s) she was proud of. However, even with the jacket off, she couldn’t get past the wires. 

Yan Xian and Guo Hao were like brothers on the same boat, and they facepalmed and couldn’t feel more hopeless.

At the end, Lin Chuxue and Zhou Zihao successfully led the police dog to find the stolen trophy and won the game. When she came back, Lin Chuxue ran towards Xu Cheng. “Have a taste of my Flying Fearless Kick of Britannia!” 

As her leg flew at Xu Cheng, he could have dodged but he even stuck his butt out a bit for the kick to land on the soft spot. 

Lin Chuxue face blushed and she said, “You… You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Xu Cheng said with a smug face, “What are you talking about?”

“You are still not confessing?!” Lin Chuxue was so embarrassed. “That wire net… They couldn’t get through it and only I did, doesn’t that show that my chest…”

Xu Cheng: “Who dares to say that you have a small chest? Is 36C still not enough?I think your true fans all know your basic stats, but as for why those two couldn’t get through, then there will be people analyzing it once the show airs.”

Lin Chuxue: “What do you mean?”

Xu Cheng smiled and said, “Can I not say?’

Lin Chuxue immediately became the ice cold princess she was.

Xu Cheng answered right away. “If they don’t have any problems, they could’ve gone through it. Come, let me teach you a physics lesson. When a woman lies down, no matter how majestic her chest is, it would collapse from gravity and her chest would be relatively flat for sure. But, did you notice that just now, their chests were still standing tall like mountains? Zhao Yajing even couldn’t get across when she tried to push her chest down. Actually, rather than saying she was pushing, you can also say that she was protecting them. You are pretty smart, you can guess why that is.”

Lin Chuxue first paused for a moment, and then her eyes stared wide open as she said, “You are saying… their chests are artificial?”

Xu Cheng just laughed. “I didn’t say that, but you are very smart.”

Lin Chuxue gave him a look. “So you arranged for me to win?”

“I obviously have to help my wife,” Xu Cheng responded.

“Humph.” Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes at him. “So, you also split the groups this way for me too?”

“Of course.” Xu Cheng said, “I got the more capable Zhao Yajing to accompany the injured Yan Xian to wear her out, then I got the incompetent Liu Ziqi to drag Guo Hao down, and finally, I had the young and energetic Zhou Zihao be your teammate and help you win. How about that? Are you feeling touched about the arrangement your boyfriend made for you? And you still came to kick me, ouch.” Xu Cheng then pretended to be hurt.

“Then I will massage it for you?” Lin Chuxue felt like she wronged him and said softly.

The shameless Xu Cheng turned his a$$ to her and said, “Then how about a massage now?”

“Go die.” Lin Chuxue pushed him. Then, she suddenly remembered something and asked, “Wait a second, I never told anyone I’m 36C, how… How did you know?”

“Uh… That’s because…” Xu Cheng felt like he talked too much just now and Lin Chuxue actually caught on to something.

“I…” Xu Cheng decided to try to lie his way out first. “I’m your man, and I knew you since childhood. How can I not know how much meat you have and how heavy you are?”

Lin Chuxue looked at him from the corner of her eyes. “Why do you talk like you’ve seen me naked or something.”

Xu Cheng: “That is my dream.”

Lin Chuxue: “Please disappear.” 

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  1. Nicole Somera

    Xu Cheng! Still as shameless as ever.??
    Your planned exercise fully exposed how fake the other two girls are.??? Also proves how naturally endowed your wife is.

    Thanks for the chapter, NT!

  2. mandorain

    everytime they get lovey dovey I fear the camera crew is gonna catch them.

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