Chapter 203: You Are Too Awesome (1) (Part two)

Yun Zheng looked at his back and begged, “We can’t even enlist him into the logistics team?”

Elder Zhang stopped and turned around to look at him and said, “No, he already got disqualified when we initially assessed him, and don’t you forget, he’s the son of the Ye Family’s princess. Our organization doesn’t take descendants of clans.” 

Yun Zheng: “But it will be impossible for him to return to the Ye Clan. His father died because of the Ye Clan, so in principle, he won’t ever work for them. I feel that the five elders are all discriminating against him for his background. You all saw that his achievements in the past six months is very satisfactory, shouldn’t we give such a hardworking person a chance? We should also give our Dragon Division a chance, he might be the one that can save and extend the foundation of the Dragon Division.”

Elder Zhang: “Strictly speaking, there’s still clan blood inside his veins, and that’s something that can’t be changed. According to the rules, he’s outside the scope of consideration. You don’t need to say anymore. I see that you are in a rush to accomplish something. If you are too tired, you should rest for a period of time and not force yourself.”

Then, Elder Zhang left, leaving only Yun Zheng standing by the office door, holding a pile of information on Xu Cheng’s accomplishments over the past six months.

After the five elders completely disappeared, another man of similar age as Yun Zheng came over and asked, “Brother Yun Zheng, how was it? Did the five elders approve?”

Yun Zheng shook his head. He leaned against the wall and said, “The proposal was rejected, just because Xu Cheng’s related to the leader of the Ye Clan. Even though the Ye Clan’s responsible for the death of Xu Cheng’s father, they still won’t let him into the Dragon Division.”

The man sighed. He patted Yun Zheng’s shoulder and said, “Understand the five elders. The Dragon Division isn’t like before anymore, and if we were to recruit Xu Cheng recklessly and the Ye Clan finds out about it, there will bound to be conflicts. At a critical time like this, it’s best to not make new enemies.”

“The Dragon Division wasn’t like this before. When our division master was at his prime, who dared to argue to the Dragon Division?” Yun Zheng closed his eyes and said helplessly, “I also knew this would likely happen. But I just feel that if the Dragon Division doesn’t absorb enough talents to consolidate its foundation, this organization will lose its edge and be removed sooner or later. The division master doesn’t have much more time, and if he’s gone, I don’t think the five elders will be enough to suppress all the enemies we have. By then, I don’t know if the Dragon Division will be removed from history. I’m also doing this for the sake of the Dragon Division. Right now, inside the division, none of the 54 cards are capable of inheriting the division leader’s legacy. How can I not feel worried?”

“Then let’s try and find someone else. Isn’t there just a week left until the 36 Army Competition? We will look over there.”

Yun Zheng nodded. “That will be the only way.”

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