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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 204.2

Chapter 204: You are Too Awesome (2) (Part two)

The head director lowered his voice and asked, “Is she really the one that was living with you?”

Xu Cheng: “No, there’s one more that was also living with me.”

The head instructor’s eyes stared wide open as he blinked and said, “Holy crap, you pretend to be an innocent little virgin in front of me but you are already doing the tricycle behind my back?!”

Xu Cheng: “Tricycle my azz, I was renovating my condo and broke down the walls between three units to connect them as one, but the property management team didn’t communicate well and those two girls came after me and shamelessly decided to stay. We were sharing the roof but not the room, what tricycle are you talking about?”

Head Instructor: “No wonder, that‘s what I thought. How could the Number 1 Flight Attendant have a crush on you and then do the extreme sports with you.”

Xu Cheng shrugged nonchalantly, and he didn’t tell him about Shen Yao’s confession to him. Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid.

After the plane arrived at the airport in Yanjing, Shen Yao struggled in the lounge for a while. When she left Shangcheng, she already deleted all contacts of Xu Cheng, wanting to erase all the memories. But when she saw him just now, her heart would still beat out of place. She didn’t forget about him at all. It was manageable when she didn’t see him, but when they met again, she…

Seeing the passengers come out, Shen Yao still came out from the lounge and called Xu Cheng who came out later than most people.

“Wait up, Xu Cheng.”

Xu Cheng was walking side by side with the head instructor, and when he heard Shen Yao calling him, he turned around.

Shen Yao came over, and she said hesitantly, “What’s your number?”

The head instructor’s eyelids jumped.

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. “Shen Yao, we really aren’t compatible.”

“Shut up.” Shen Yao glared at him and then reached out with her hand. “Give me your phone. We can’t even be friends? Or do you want Chuxue to not be best friends with me as well?”

Xu Cheng passed his phone to her.

Shen Yao used her phone and dialed her number. Then, after saving it, she returned it to him and said, “This is my new number. You can call if you have something or nothing.”

Then, Shen Yao walked past him in her high heels and left.

The moment she left, the head instructor instantly dropped to his knees.

“Big Brother, what are you doing?” Xu Cheng was a bit surprised.

The head instructor hugged onto Xu Cheng’s legs. “Bro, I was wrong. You are so awesome, why would you need to go and flirt with her yourself? Please hurry and teach me how to not do anything and have goddess-level beautiful girls chase me themselves! Please teach me!”

Xu Cheng was speechless. This guy really scared him out of the blue. “Big Bro, can you get up? I’m not that amazing.”

Head Instructor: “Yes, yes you are. You are awesome because you are so ugly yet you could get that goddess to chase after you. What’s more awesome is that you rejected her but she still wants your number, to stay as friends, and even told you to basically booty call her anytime. What kind of level of awesome is that? Sorry I was blind to have always called you an ugly fack that no one loves, and it turned out that you were not loved by no one but loved by everyone, and that was why you had been so lowkey, always deliberately hiding your awesomeness so you don’t end up even turning some of our comrades gay.” 

Xu Cheng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Was he really complimenting him or roasting him?

Xu Cheng rolled his eyes. “Big Bro, just stop…”

Head Instructor: “No, you are my big bro! In the realm of getting girls, I only accept you as my big bro. When I landed your sister-in-law (TL Note: author meant he landed a girl and made her the sister-in-law to Xu Cheng since he was Xu Cheng’s big bro), it took me two years, it wasn’t easy at all! But today, you taught me a lesson, you are a role model for all of us ugly people!”

Xu Cheng: “…”

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  1. Denzel Eristhee

    This killed me

  2. soumare david

    damn right this head intructor is so funny

  3. Haha…ugly people

  4. Some errors and alteration

    “Shen Yao? (Xu Cheng?)” Both men shouted each other’s names in unison.

    Shen Yao laughed out: “Why don’t you stay in Shangcheng why go to Yanjing?”

    Shen Yao calls Chuxue “Xiao Xue”, and after Xu Cheng called her the first time Shen Yao he calls her after that “Yao Yao”, please don’t delete the pet names.

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