Chapter 205: Fiery Competition (Part one)

This military region competition was an important annual event for the 36 armies in the nation, and it was the gathering of the sharpest elites of each region.

The natural dense jungle area near Yanjing was chosen to be the location for this year, and the rules of the competition dictated that, with limited equipment, ammunition, and supplies, the 36 armies would compete in a chaotic free-for-all battle against each other. They could defend or attack, and there was no time limit. The last one to survive and occupy this jungle would be crowned the winner of this competition. In simple terms, you need to do whatever it took to survive, and the conditions of this competition was more suitable for lone wolves. In this kind of competition, one could get a good assessment of the soldiers abilities in areas such as camouflage, breaking through sieges, eliminating teams, tactical team plays, and wilderness survival.

And for this competition, the country also prepared ample job opportunities for the winners.

The last 30 soldiers that survive could be enlisted into the elite guardian-class soldier list. 

These people would be trained and assigned to a subsidiary department under the Dragon Division, and the particularly outstanding ones would have a chance to join the Dragon Division.

Those ranking from the 31th to 100th position would be hired into various important institutions in Yanjing.

Those who made it to the 101th-200th positions would have a chance to be promoted to training instructors and be assigned to military regions of various locations.

Those in the 201th-300th positions would have a chance to join their local police systems and be assigned a high level position. It wouldn’t be positions like patrol officers, but directly a middle-level deputy post with the opportunity to be promoted right after they finish adapting to the job.

So, for these promotion opportunities, soldiers every year would go all out.

Xu Cheng and the others got to a dedicated hotel by bus, and other military regions’ buses also arrived. This hotel was temporarily reserved for the time being, and no media nor unrelated personnel were allowed to enter.

After getting off the bus, they saw crowds of soldiers from other military regions. Xu Cheng also saw a few familiar faces that were also veterans that had been in service for years and had to come to babysit the rookies. But, most of them were new recruits.

“Xu Cheng? Holy crap, you are participating this year as well?” At this moment, veterans of other military regions spotted Xu Cheng and came to greet him. “I thought the Three Swordsmen all left the 5th MR already?”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. “Nah. We never got into the big top 300 list and I don’t want to give up, so here I am, here to battle again. Gao Zhan, what about you?”

Gao Zhan saw the people coming out of Xu Cheng’s bus were all rookies and said a bit sympathetically, “Looks like your back is going to break from trying to carry them all. Hey, how about we get our teams to cooperate and just try to hold out for as long as possible. It’s fine as long as we aren’t last.”

“I’m afraid that I can’t make the decision,” Xu Cheng said awkwardly.

“Wait, what?” Gao Zhan thought he heard it wrong. “You are not the captain?”

Xu Cheng shook his head.

At this time, Hu Bing walked past them. Xu Cheng looked that way and said, “That’s our protagonist right there.”

Gao Zhan grinned. “He looks quite impotent to me. Oh well, looks like the 5th MR’s going to be cannon fodder again.”

“You talk like your 23rd MR isn’t also cannon fodder. You are all just free points.” At that moment, a soldier recognized the badge on his sleeves and taunted.

Gao Zhan wanted to respond, but seeing that it was someone from the 13th MR that was talking, he poossied out right away. Last year, the 13th MR got second place, and those beasts all went onto the elite guardian list. That Wen Zhao guy that Xu Cheng sparred with was also from that MR. 

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