Chapter 206: Ready (Part one)

Hu Bing came over and glared at Xu Cheng, and he interrogated with an accusing tone, “Did you do that on purpose?”

Xu Cheng: “What do you mean?”

Hu Bing: “Don’t look for trouble. Do you want to attract more hate so people get us out first? It’s going to be so easy for those high-ranking military regions to take care of us first.”

“If you don’t have the confidence, why bother coming to this competition? If you want a good score, you must step over these people. We can lose the competition, but we must keep our dignity,” Xu Cheng said.

Hu Bing snorted, “You are getting eliminated first anyways so you are obviously not scared. Let me tell you, don’t drag our leg. Hide when we are hiding, and work together when necessary. If you are on fire, don’t bring it to us.”

Xu Cheng replied, “Don’t worry, I will go solo in the beginning and won’t get in your way.”

After he said that, he walked away.

The head instructor also couldn’t do much about this Hu Bing and only shook his head.

Then, Hu Bing and the head instructor went to draw lots. The captain and the head instructor of each military region would go and participate in a draw. In this big jungle there were the north, south, west, east, and center regions, and where each team would start off at would be selected at random. Normally, the team would hate to get the center region because they could easily get besieged and it’s too tough to defend. The weaker teams would always pray to get some of the side areas that have its back against giant cliffs or something which would be easier to defend. As for the stronger teams, they didn’t really care. Even if they got the center, they would move their way out and kill any team that dares to cross their path.

Hu Bing came to the drawing lot with the head instructor, and so did pairs from other military regions. The 8th MR’s head instructor that once tried to recruit Xu Cheng saw that Instructor Yan didn’t come with Xu Cheng but rather a rookie, so he asked in confusion, “What are you doing? Xu Cheng’s not the captain?”

Hu Bing definitely didn’t like hearing that. He immediately responded, neither haughty nor humble, “I’m the captain of the 5th MR, Hu Bing.”

The 8th MR’s head instructor wasn’t convinced by Hu Bing’s abilities at all and he turned to look at Instructor Yan. “I know now, you guys are playing tricks, aren’t you?”

Instructor Yan didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

Hu Bing became slightly angered. “Sir, let me repeat myself. I’m the main force!”

The 8th MR’s head instructor had the “I already saw through your tricks” face as he laughed and said, “It must be a trick. You want others to focus on him, but your secret weapon is Xu Cheng, right?”

Hu Bing’s voice picked up a notch. “Let me repeat-”

The 8th MR’s head instructor nodded. “Alright, alright, I won’t tell anyone else. I know it’s tough being a low-tier team, I can understand that you are trying to play some little tricks.”

Hu Bing secretly swore: Understand my facking azz you little piece of sh- 

The 8th MR’s head instructor had already left. 

Head Instructor Yan told Hu Bing to go up and draw, and Hu Bing just casually picked out a piece of paper from the box. He opened it, and Instructor Yan’s eyelids directly jumped as Hu Bing took in a deep cold air.

Center region!

They were done. They were already a weak team, and now at the chaotic battlefield that was the center region, they would probably get eliminated first.

The people of the other military regions saw Instructor Yan and Hu Bing’s faces and they laughed, “You hit the jackpot? Well, you guys are free points anyways, it doesn’t really matter which region you feed to.”

The guy that talked then took a look at Hu Bing and asked in surprise, “Wasn’t Xu Cheng always the captain for the 5th MR? What a rare occasion, there’s even a rookie stronger than Xu Cheng? Oh well, we will see each other on the battlefield. I’m very curious how strong someone has to be to be able to replace Xu Cheng.”

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